Panda Cupcakes – Make “Kung Fu” Panda Cupcakes – A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial

Hello and welcome to Cupcake Addiction’s Panda
Bear Cupcake Tutorial where I’ll be showing you how to make this gorgeous little Panda
bear cupcake. Tools and equipment that we will be using
today: I’m using a little bit of chocolate cookie
icing. Now cookie icing is quite widely available in the US and only really available in specialty
stores here in Australia. So if you cannot get your hands on it, you can also use just
melted dark chocolate in a zip lock bag with a tiny little cut on the end of it to make
the same details that we’re making today. I’m using some desiccated coconut today. You
can use desiccated coconut. But if you don’t like the taste, you can use some grated white
chocolate, any white sprinkles or a white sanding sugar.
I’ve got some of our perfectly pipeable buttercream frosting. I will leave a link to the recipe
for that in the description box below. I’ve got my cupcake ready to ice.
I’ve got some of the little Wilton eyes. Now Wilton actually sells little containers of
eyes now. I always have a container on hand because they make life so much easier. But
if you can’t find them where you are, pop a little blob of white melted chocolate on
to a sheet of baking paper and a little blob of that dark chocolate just to make the eyeball.
And you can make those a fair way in advance. I’ve got some chocolate chips.
And I’ve got some mini-Oreo cookies. The mini Oreo cookies, I’ve actually split in half
and I’ve scraped the inside Oreo frosting off or the Oreo cream off as best as I can.
I’ve also got 2 knives. So let’s get started.
First thing that I’m going to show you how to do is, for example, with this Oreo frosting,
you split the Oreo in half and it still got a little bit of that frosting. You can scrape
it off. But you still have a little bit of that excess there. So just using you knife,
just sort of dig a little bit, and then just rub your finger along it just until it’s nice
and clean because we want the flat side to be what we’re using for most of our detailing
today. So as I said, I’ve got mine pretty done there.
Your little chocolate chips. You’re just going to take one of those and cut it in half. Make
sure you’ve got a couple of those spare. You’re going to need one chocolate chip for each
2 pandas. It’s just going to make the little nose. Make sure you’ve got a couple of spares
just in case it doesn’t cut quite the way you’re hoping it on the first try.
So you want to take 2 of those Oreos and that cookie icing or the melted dark chocolate
depending on what you’re using and just place a little blob of that cookie icing. You might
put it on the back of the eye. It will be a little easier to see. So just a little blob
on the back of the eye. Now the great thing about cookie icing, it’s
basically a royal icing so it goes on soft and it sets really quite hard. So it kind
of acts like a little bit of a glue for us, as does melted dark chocolate. Once again,
little blob on the back. Don’t put too much. You don’t want it to take too long to set.
You’ll notice here that I’ve positioned the eyeballs right off to one side because we
do want the pandas to have nice, big, black under-eyes.
Taking your other two, they just have the frosting scraped off them. They’re ready to
go. This is a really really simple cupcake. You don’t need any real or fancy tools or
equipment. So you’re going to use the back of your knife now and just scrape into your
buttercream frosting or whichever frosting you’re using. And I’m just going to spoon
it on top of, knife it on top. You can see there, I’m pushing it down to the cupcake
liner but I’m trying not to go over the outsides because I don’t want to make a mess. So you
do want to put a fair bit of that frosting on. And I’m just going to work it back and
forth with my knife so that it’s a nice little mound. You can see there.
Now I want to mention here. You can pre-make all of these decorations in advance. You can
make all of these little bits and pieces and store them in an airtight container. If you’re
going to use sprinkles or grated white chocolate, then yes, you can do the cupcakes the day
before you want to use them. But if you want to use coconut, coconut will actually start
to absorb the color of the butter from a buttercream frosting after about 24 hours. So you want
to make all of your little bits and pieces beforehand and then about an hour or two before
you want to serve them, put the final touches on them on the morning of the party so you
don’t end up with yellow-faced pandas. So taking your cupcake, you just want to dip
it into that coconut there or the sprinkles, whatever you’re using. And you can see I’m
just rotating it around. Now it comes up with a bit of pointed top so you just want to use
the palm of your hand and just pat it around. I actually like to just sort of pat the top
of it quite severely so that we’ve got a nice flat top going on. And there you’ve got the
basis for our Panda’s face. Alright, now we want to put our ears in. So
make sure that it’s facing you, your panda’s facing you. And with your ears, you want to
make sure that they’re quire spaced apart. You don’t want them both on top. You don’t
want them to look like a mouse or a bunny rabbit or anything. So pop one ear in and
the other ear in. You can see there you’ve got your 2 little panda ears.
Now taking your eyes. Now you want the eyes to be sort of positioned in the middle looking
straight ahead. But you want his round sections to be almost tilting out a little bit so they’re
sort of underneath the eye and just tilting out on each side.
Alright, so there’s our panda eyes. And then take one of your little half-morsels
or half-chocolate chips, and you want to position it flat side up and around side down, and
push it in. If you love this tutorial, make sure that
you head on over to our channel My Cupcake Addiction and hit the Subscribe button. We’ve
got lots of great cupcake and cakepop tutorials, as well as heaps of decorating hints and tips.
We’d love to have you drop by. So now I’m going to take that cookie icing.
And as I mentioned, you can also use a zip lock bag with a very fine point cut off the
end with some melted dark chocolate. And we’re just going to make the mouth shape. So I’m
really just squeezing. I’m going to go down in one little kind of a backwards J.
And on the other side and just finish that
mouth off. There you’ve got your gorgeous and, I think
you’ll agree, really really easy little panda cupcakes. I hope that you love making them
as much as I’ve loved sharing them with you today. Thanks very much for watching.

100 thoughts on “Panda Cupcakes – Make “Kung Fu” Panda Cupcakes – A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial

  1. Love the coconut idea instead of the pearls we used during your baking class. Wasn't too fond of biting into so many sprinkles lol plus the coconut gives it more of a furry look. Great job Elise! 🙂

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  3. It could be really fun to do marbled (chocolate and vanilla) cupcakes for this, to add to the black/white panda effect 🙂

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  5. Can you help me please everytime i make buttercream it is always grainy and i hate it it's not smooth like whipped cream.

  6. Hi David – If you want a really smooth buttercream, you need a swiss or italian meringue buttercream. They involve egg whites, double boilers and lots of whipping, and they are a lot less hard=wearing and stable than traditional buttercream. Normal buttercream will always be the tiniest bit gritty, due to the unmelted powdered sugar grains.

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  10. Hi, this has already been done by mycupcakeaddictions. YouTube won't let me post the link, but if you check the mycupcakeaddictions channel you will find what you are looking for.

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  14. Hi Emmie – I hadn't thought about it! Sounds like a good idea though – maybe for the next Australia day in a couple of months!

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