Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi | Animated cartoon | Sitar wala Kung Fu Master | Wow Kidz

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Motu my brother, today you can have a stomach full of samosa because today Ghasitaram will pay our bills. Oh my god! Then even I will have stomach full of samosa today. Oh my lord! Dr. Jhatka, what nonsense are you talking? Why will I pay everyone’s bill? It is because we all are your […]

Boxing with Evander Holyfield & Joel McHale | Kevin Hart: What The Fit Ep 8 | Laugh Out Loud Network

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( upbeat music playing ) – Hey. – Well, well, well. My guy. How are you, sir? Nice car, my friend. Thanks. Put your seatbelt on, Joel. – What? – Put your seatbelt on. I always put my seatbelt on. I’m making sure you put your seatbelt on. And I usually wear a helmet, but… […]

Ninja McNinja vs Karate Kid: 9 TRIALS OF FIRE McDonald’s Happy Meal Hope and Annie SuperHero Kids

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Happy Meals! Booyah, booyah, booyah! This doesn’t seem like a nutritious breakfast. Get over it bro. We are feasting on this deliciousness. What? Where’d did my Happy Meal go bro? You took it! I was with you the whole time! That is physically and spiritually impossible! No! Not there’s no Happy Meals! It’s okay Why […]

Bunkai Gankaku – KARATE avec Lionel Froidure

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Hello karateka, today let’s do Gankaku bunkai. This famous part of the kata. If you are new on this channel, I am Lionel Froidure. My goal is to help YOU and boost your karate skills in YOUR dojo. If you’re interested and you want a lot of tips and advices find the subscribe button. Let’s […]

7 Television And Bollywood Jodies Who Have Twin Babies

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7 Television And Bollywood Jodies Who Have Twin Babies

Cinema-rise Standard Buzz Lightyear (Toy Story 4) | Gunpla TV

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okay so here we have another Gunpla TV review and this time it’s Buzz Lightyear he is one of the main characters of Disney Pixar’s Toy Story series he is a spaceman action figure he originally belonged to the character Andy but now as a Toy Story 4 figure not that there is any difference […]

The MMA Fighter On A Mission To Expose “Fake Martial Artists” in China (HBO)

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— In April, Xu Xiaodong, an MMA teacher on a personal quest to expose, quote, “fake martial arts” in China, was challenged to a fight by a Tai Chi Master— who he beat up in about 12 seconds. And the video went viral almost as fast. But many in China saw Xu’s victory as an […]

Talking Tom and Friends – Jetpack Ninja (Season 1 Episode 33)

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Screwdriver! Hey Ben, when will the jet pack be done? Hey Tom, when will the jet pack be done? Eh, bup, bup,.. Hand slap. Ow! It’ll be done when it’s done! And bothering us isn’t gonna make it go any faster. Ben, Tom won’t give me a straight answer on this. Is the jet pack […]

Advanced Okinawan Kempo Karate : Performing the Side Kick in Kempo Karate

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Now when you get advanced, it all happens in one fluid motion. You’ll notice my foot as I am kicking, it turns. That allows me to get the proper snap. If you don’t turn the heel, what’s going to happen is, you’re going to hurt your hip. At low levels, it’s not going to hurt. […]

Last to DROP iPhone Wins $10,000 Call From Game Master!! (Unbreakable Challenge)

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– So Grace, right over here we’ll open these doors. Oh hey, Mom, can you put the dogs somewhere safe real quick? – Uh oh, what are you guys up to? – We need to drop our iPhones off the back deck to win $10,000 and a call from the Game Master. – Wow! You […]