UFC 229 Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Conor McGregor 2018

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Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor’s they are from UFC lightweight championship stay tuned Conor McGregor makes his long-awaited return to the Octagon this Saturday October 6 2018 against reigning lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov, headlining This year’s biggest Mixed Martial Arts, which is set to go down inside the T-mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada The […]

Fightland Ep.2:山本”KID”徳郁 お墨付き!堀口恭司 – Japan’s Karate Kid: Kyoji Horiguchi

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In my first UFC match abroad, I thought… “I’ll do what I usually do. I’ll kick some ass.” Right now, there aren’t any Japanese fighters who are stars. I want to be that star. So that I can make this sport more popular. I started karate when I was five. Karate is definitely a big […]

Karate Coyote Live Music Concert Episode : CIMU

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Hey guys, my name is laura and welcome to another episode of CIMU, where every week we bring an indie band from Columbus, Ohio. And this week at Vaughan Music Studios music studios it’s Karate Coyote! Hey guys! We are very excited to have you guys here. We are very excited to be here. Awesome. […]

Bushido Lessons for Beginners : Description of Bushido Martial Arts

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On behalf of Expert Village, I am Master Dave Herbert from the World Martial Arts Center, World Pro Hapkido Federation in New York City. Today, we’ll be showing you some beginning Bushido. The translation of Bushido is “Bu”, which is martial, “Shi”, which is spirit and mind, “Do” which is way. But the “Do” is […]

Kinder Karate™ Online Karate program for the preschool, pre-k and Kindergarden kids

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hi this is Kara Czerniak from dynamic martial arts pittsburgh pa and I wanted to introduce you to a a new program that we are starting it is our online Kinder karate program and what is Kinder karate first of all Kinder karate is a program I’ve been running in our regular locations in Pleasant […]

Daily karate vlog #53; how do YOU it into karate’s history?

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Hi this is Richard Mosdell, today is my daily karate vlog and today’s topic is how do you fit in karate’s history? That’s right you, you are part of karate’s history, how do you fit into it? Well there a bunch of stages to how karate went being in one small place to all over […]

Martial Arts Training Learning the Kwan Bu For Your Martial Art Style

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No matter of style of your martial arts that you’re in there comes a point when you need to explore your fighting and your movement in order to see if you understood what you learned in this video we’re going to introduce you to the Kwan Bu and how it can help you to build […]

Action Movie «MAYDAY» Full Movie, Action, Thriller, Drama / Movies In English

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Well that being said you better clear next week to them and ask Raymond in the design department To email me the blueprints of the factory, okay? Can I just have the keys? When I know I’m on the flight no no no No, I’m gonna make it. No. I’m just talking to my kid. […]

Queers & Comics Keynote: Alison Bechdel

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– Hi, good evening, everyone. Welcome to CLAGS and the CUNY Graduate Center. My name is Kevin Nadal, I’m the executive director for CLAGS: Center for LGBTQ Studies. I want to welcome you all to the amazing conclusion for the Queers and Comics Conference. Please give a round of applause to everyone that… (audience applauds) […]

Vatra i voda – igrica naseg detinjstva

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eu assim essa imagem é gatunagem tv da china o líder da ilha de 2010 ceni e mulher grita sul da lua music e emi netware taco a ajuda do minerva sa puxava a ei até o decateto paga prestação brilhante às pessoas que aí está o código e olha você toca e a sete […]