Saito: The Sushi God of Tokyo

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This here is the culmination of his work We saw him in the morning speaking with the fish brokers, We saw his staff working together in the back, We saw him prepping his fish for the service beforehand, We watched him put it all together in front of us. And now we are going to […]

Head Academy Kung Fu Adults Martial Arts Classes

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how long has it been since you enjoyed exercising and felt a total mind-body connection while doing it do you want a form of exercise will you will ways be learning new things and challenging yourself are you looking for a kickass self defense well at Head Academy Kung Fu specialize in teaching adults martial […]

How to Do a Jab Punch | Karate Lessons

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Okay. I’d like explain a little bit about the jab punch of karate. Many of the movements we’re doing in kehan in the basics, we finish in a fixed position. That has to change as soon as we’ve established a good foundation in those techniques so we’re moving more constantly and more fluidly. And one […]

Magic is Real

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Bhiwani City Mall

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Chhupi Aankhen Welcomes for Visit City mall Pls Visit Send your Video/Photo and any Complaint Of Govt Offices We Help You. Thanks For Watching Chhupi Aankhen Channel Edited By Vishal singh Bhiwani is a City of Temples so Peoples says Chhoti Kashi Very soon We Start a Programme Of Karate Tips For Women/Girls For […]

Key & Peele – Weird Playlist

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– Let’s listen to some music, you got a playlist– – Oh yeah. – That you like? – All my music is good, man. Just put it on random. – Alright. Rock it out. – This is an audio journal of my experiments on my own human condition. (laughs) Forgot this was on here. Let’s […]

Lies About Marvel You’ve Always Believed

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Most people think they know the Marvel universe inside out. However, many things we swear we’ve known for decades are actually downright false. Let’s take a deeper look at some of the most notable misconceptions. It’s very easy to see why people think Ghost Rider is a ghost, considering that he’s a stunt motorcyclist who […]

KNX17: The Karate Nerd Experience (Ep. 2/4) — Jesse Enkamp

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ohayo gozaimasu that’s good morning in Japanese we are live and direct from the first day of the karate nerd experience you can see the roll up over there already and in two hours people will be arriving from India Italy France Germany Mexico Canada you name it lets get ready to rhumble house india […]

Karate : L’énergie ne vient pas des hanches – La preuve par le tabouret []

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Hello and welcome. I BANDELIER Bruno, Professor of net Karate. Today I will talk about my magic stool. So I told you in the video yesterday. I threw you a challenge with a stool. I had a little trouble to find a stool because when I threw you to the challenge, I had none. I […]

Advanced Okinawan Kempo Karate : How To Punch & Back Fist in Kempo Karate

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Okay, so we learned some basic blocks, hopefully you’ll be able to block things that are thrown at you. But you’re going to have to need to defend yourself, you’re going to have to learn to throw something back. So that’s where hand techniques come in. Okay, back to our training stance because it’s the […]