GOJUSHIHO SHO Kata Годзюшихо Шо Shotokan KARATE 5 belt 少林

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The age of the Athlete the age of 13. Trained for two years according to our method. Quite confidently performs kata of any complexity.

The Karate Kid: Cobra Kai | official trailer (2018)

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(intense music) – [Announcer] Fighting positions! – [Fighters] Hi-ya! – [Man] I just don’t know why you’d ever wanna bring back Cobra Kai. – [Man] You’re not trained to be merciful here! Mercy is for the weak. – [Man] You may know the moves, but none of that matters unless you have balance. – [Trainer] […]

WISE HEAD ON YOUNG SHOULDER -in- THE KARATE BID 🐶 Pencilmation Cartoons Animation

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Hello everyone. Back on Max’s Puppy Dog with another episode: THE KARATE BID If you fall for this video. Please hit “Subscribe” buttons below to see better episodes on Max’s Puppy Dog. And don’t miss the ♪BELL♪

Karate training for Aikidoka with Shihan István Réti – Episode 2 (with English subtitles)

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Ré Zen Do friends We have visited István Szentimrei Réti master, and he was so kind to show us his home, and his monastery where he taught us some Karate techniques. Good day for everyone! My name is István Szentimrei Réti, I’ve born five hundred thousand year ago in little village called Tiszaszentimre, what is […]

The Try Guys Try UFC Fighting

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– [Voiceover] We love you, Eugene. (body slams against ground) (crowd yells) – That boy got turnt, though. (robust dance/rap music) – UFC gym. Sears Outlet. I know where I’m going. – Today we are here at a UFC gym to meet some professional UFC fighters and fight each other. (yelling and screaming) (playful background […]

Kid Superheroes part 2 of 2

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look sweet jiminy Christmas that’s one giant kitty there’s another one we’re gonna need a bigger litter box who caused all this look well if it isn’t turbo girl in the amazing a tegu dr. insanity I shoulda known he was I know this well he is only real supervillain in Pittsburgh I know you […]

Annoying Orange HFA – FRUITLOOSE

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♫ He’s Orange, he has a lot of friends ♫ They live together on a fruit stand ♫ They have adventures all across the land ♫ And even play in a rock and roll band ♫ He’s Orange, Annoying Orange ♫ He’s Orange, Annoying Orange ♫ He’s Orange (Orange laughs) (upbeat music) – We are […]

Kickboxing Martial Arts Lessons : Punch in Kickboxing

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Hi, I am Katie Bowers with Expert Village and I am going through Kick Boxing moves with you, the next one is going to be punches. To begin stand at a horse stance, nice and wide open. And my first punches are going to be just straight, directly straight head on. They are called punches. […]

Kickboxing Martial Arts Lessons : Kickboxing Combos

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HI, I’m Katie Bowers with Expert Village and we’re going to be doing a kickboxing move combination. And how I’m going to begin here is start going in opposition with my shoulders. Jab, knee, jab knee. With each jab, you don’t want to feel aerobiky people just start being very bouncy when they jab. But […]

(Foam) Nunchaku Rampage

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Hi I’m Ian at KarateMart.com. And I’m Corbin at KarateMart.com. Today we’re talking about nunchucks. Nunchucks Yeah. Every once in a while, we get a call from somebody who wants to buy nunchucks and they don’t realize that you don’t have to actually use nunchucks to know what you’re talking about. You don’t. I know […]