Master class highlights | Baku 2017

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Today we have a training with Haji Aliyev, it was very good, our dream is to become Olympic winners. I saw Haji Aliyev on TV and always dreamed about meeting him in real life. Today my dream came true and I was training with him. When I grow, I wish to be a wrestler just […]

Ninja costume

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Ninja costume Ninja Costume for kids

GANKAKU KATA Shotokan KARATE Execution by Kids Team full record 少林

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Shotokan Karate Kata GANKAKU Children team perform kata GANKAKU 🙂 The performance of a team of kids on a wrestling Mat!

Proud Parent Speech When Autistic Boy Earns Black Belt | Denny Strecker’s Karate (248) 687-8641

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– My name is Don. My son Zack is getting his black belt today. I’d like to start off with a white belt story. Zack hadn’t been in karate very long. He’s a white belt and has a couple of stripes on his belt. He’s halfway to his yellow belt and we are leaving the […]

Beginner Kyokushin Karate Techniques : How to Do a Knife Hand Strike in Kyokushin Karate

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On behalf of Expert Village, my name is Tony Capraro, Sensei of Kyokushin Karate, Without Limits Inc, 1652 Richmond Avenue Staten Island New York. We are here today to present to you basic Kyokushin technique. We’re going to demonstrate now the basic Kihon Shuto attack or knife-hand attack or sword-hand attack right from right Sanchin […]

PEPSI CENTER – Okinawa Dojo Karate performance – Denver Nuggets vs Chicago Bulls

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Tonight’s performance by Okinawa Dojo by KarateBros who proudly represent USA Karate right here in Denver. Brothers Senseis Vitaly and Alexandr Padalka are happy to share with you exciting news that Karate will be in the Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan in 2020 for the first time in the history of the Olympics. Okinawa Dojo […]

Alex Honnold Before the Climb | Free Solo

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He said he’s feeling tinges of, like, game time. I think there’s a chance he goes tomorrow. There are remote cameras because we want to stay out of Alex’s line of sight when he’s doing it. OK, everybody knows what to do if something goes wrong. Josh, just to confirm, who should Mikey call? The […]


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what up what up it’s Chad wild clay and today we have something a little bit different what would happen if the walking dead were real we are gonna find out because we’re gonna recreate the video game The Walking Dead no man’s land with a bunch of these weapons that are from the game […]

Lee’s Karate in Jonesboro Arkansas Kids Ad

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Click the button below to get a whole list of our kids classes!! Click the button below to get a whole list of our kids classes!!

My thoughts on belt gradings in martial arts (Subtitulos en español)

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when I was a kid I admired black belts from any martial art I signed that belt a symbol of many years of hard training sweat paint and blood and attained knowledge and experience I thought anyone who earned a black belt in any style had to be a true badass so starting in martial […]