Wheelchair Karate: 1st belt: Kevs’ journey locks and drills

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hi guys and welcome to sons of cane YouTube channel this week we continue my journey into karate and we’re looking at locks so as always we will be adapting what we know developing the principle and seeing how we can fit it in for each individual user so for the rest of the red […]

MAAN KARATE FULL TAMIL MOVIE | Sivakarthikeyan, Hansika Motwani, Yogi Babu | Full HD |With Subtitles

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Give me your ID cards We shouldn’t have any hassles from HR, project manager, client Spit to cleanse all curses Bad vibes…vanish Cheers Where do we look for him in this dense forest? Did you at least get his phone number?! Hey! I saw this dog with the Holy man Is he the Holy man […]

Karate : Kihon Techniques de Défense [karate-blog.net]

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Hello. Welcome to karate-blog.net, the karate clear and net. I’m Bruno BANDELIER and today, we will make a Kihon. We will do a karate around a Kihon I did on defense techniques, techniques of base and the three basic positions. We will do zenkutsu, Kokutsu, Kiba Dashi and with techniques defense really simple. Come on, […]

Ninja vs ninja real fight Martial Arts Karate Final Fight

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Ninja vs ninja real fight Martial Arts Karate Final Fight

Kung Fu versus Karate Challenge with Jesse Enkamp

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Hey. Ando here from SenseiAndo.com. Have you seen this video? In Karate versus Kung Fu, I challenged my friend Jesse Enkamp, the world-famous Karate Nerd, to defend himself against the tiger claw, one of my favorite kung fu techniques. If you haven’t seen that video, I’ll put the link below. But spoiler alert–he’s still alive. […]

Martial arts trainning

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audio will be added later

This Karate Experience Could Change Your Life Forever — Jesse Enkamp

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– Every year I organize the Karate Nerd Experience, an unforgettable event where karate enthusiasts from across the world get together to train, sleep, and eat together with grandmasters and world-class experts. And tomorrow, it’s time again. As we speak, “Karate Nerds” from over 25 different countries are flying in for this year’s KNX, and […]

Sandman | Summer of Purple

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(lullaby) (wind whooshes) – Time to fall asleep. (chimes ring) – What the… Who are you? – Oh, I’m the Sandman, I’ve come to put you to sleep. – I was asleep. – No, you don’t go to sleep until I put you to sleep. – You woke me up. – Impossible, that would mean […]

Karate Show | Group Performance | 2017

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This video is a karate show, performed by a group of little children. You will learn how to fight, how to protect yourself against others and fighting tutorial. Watch this video, like, share, comment, enjoy and subscribe now.

Jake Mace Tests Out the Solid Metal Bo Staff

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Hey everybody, it’s Jake Mace over here at the KarateMart.com headquarters. And these guys are so innovative with these modern-day take on traditional martial art weapons. The one they just gave me today is this one called a Solid Aluminum Hexagon Bo Staff. not only is this thing solid, and it’s made of 100% aluminum, […]