Griffins Boxing and Fitness. Why It’s One Of My 30 Favourite Places In North Vancouver!

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Hi, everyone. Its Craig Veroni with RE/MAX Masters Realty and welcome to day seven of my thirty favorite places in North Vancouver. To finish off the week I wanted to bring you to a place that’s going to knock you out. I hope I’ve chosen well because we’re here at Griffin’s boxing gym. Let’s go […]

How to Improve Your Karate Sparring | Karate Lessons

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How to improve your karate sparring. First thing first, there’s no substitute for experience and what experience will bring you, more than anything else in sparing, is a reflexive reaction to every situation that could exist. So in my dojo, I encourage a lot of sparring. It’s very, it’s not only cooperative very it’s very […]


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what’s up karate nerds today I want to help you improve your neck oh gosh Adachi that’s Japanese for cat stance what are the most common and most difficult karate stances that exists check it out alright so when it comes to the cat stance there are some very important basic principles that are the […]

#1 CRITICAL Step to Cure Shoulder Tendonitis, Bursitis, Impingement.

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We started yet? Hi folks I’m Bob Shrupp physical therapist Brad Heineck physical therapist. Together we’re the most famous physical therapist on the Internet. In our opinion of course Bob. Today Brad we’re gonna talk about the number one critical sign or step that you need to do to cure your shoulder tendinitis, bursitis or […]

Liam’s Quest: Full Circle | Critical Role RPG

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LIAM: Hello there! And welcome to an episode of Critical Role! (cheering) LIAM: Where a bunch of us– man, that was good, that was like a wall of sound and every note of it was foul and disgusting. Welcome to the show where a bunch of us nerdy-ass voice actors sit around and play Dungeons […]

Martial Art Classes In New Lenox | New Lenox Karate Class

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Yes, we like to think of them as agreements between our families and our school and what we deal with every student is we start them on an intro program. And that way that that works is it is four weeks’ worth of lessons and at the end of that four-week period we’ll sit down […]

My Experience with Sports

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Do you want to join soccer? Not really… *ball thud* My mom had me in physical activities before I was even able to comprehend the idea of free will. But that’s not anything I’m complaining about. I really enjoyed most of them and it got me being active really early in life. If Mom didn’t […]

What Makes the Toothpick Bo So Special?

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Hi, i’m Matt from And today I’m showing you our toothpick bo staff. This is our six-foot staff. Traditionally, we would like it to be actually a foot taller than how we are. but modernly since we’ve gotten a little bit taller, 6 foot is about the height that everyone would get. And it’s […]

HACKER 3 Marker Challenge (PZ Hacker Mask, Stolen Tesla)

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– It has come to our attention that you have been easily distracted away from your investigation. Three marker challenges will not give you the information you seek. We suggest you return to your previous path. – Hello buddies of the internet, it’s Kawaii Kunicorn. (upbeat playful music) – Hi buddies, you guys are watching […]

Why You Will Get Cut Defending Against a Knife • Martial Arts Journey

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Reality of Knife Defense There is no shortage of alleged knife defense techniques both online and in various training places. Having personally been introduced to Aikido’s knife defense techniques and only later learning how far it is from the actual reality of knife defense, I personally know very well how many of presented knife defense […]