PJ021 | Jordan Agolli Interview | Host of Teenage Entrepreneur, Karate Black Belt + Power Wash…

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– The preparation mindset Karate gives you – The breakdown of the tournament – The importance of surrounding yourself with better talent – Jordan’s intro into podcasting – Jordan’s first business at 14 – A business branding session – The start of the Teenage Entrepreneur Podcast – The birth of the Creative Rebellion mastermind – […]

Jui Jitsu Isn’t the Only Thing ‘Hiro Karate’ Teaches | Small Business Revolution (Story #53)

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(Hiroshi) I think it’s just natural that a person will always try to find what’s most comfortable. So it’s a challenge with your mind saying “I’m gonna push myself, I’m gonna keep going, I’m not gonna quit.” It’s that constant battle of who’s gonna win? Is it gonna be your weaknesses or is it gonna […]

Karate – Uchi uke : blocage de l’intérieur vers l’extérieur [Karate-Blog.net]

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Hello and welcome to this new video on karate-blog.net, the clear and net karate. So today we will study a new defense technology We had seen earlier, Gedan Barai: defense technique down where blocked at Gedan at the waist, a little below. And we saw the technical Jodan Age Uke defense technique up to block […]

3 Martial Arts Lifehacks for Flexibility, Strength & Health

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– Everyone knows that martial arts should be good for your life but I think your life should also be good for your martial art. Unfortunately, some things in life are harmful for your martial art. They actually destroy your martial arts skills. And some of these things you might not even notice because there […]

Animator vs. Animation IV (original)

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hey i was forced to do these subtitles please help *Happy music while drawing* Animator vs. Animation IV Animator vs. Animation IV *drawing* *still drawing* *still drawing* *drawing stilll* *drawing yet again* *draw* *ing* *so* *cooolololieol* im going to stop *gets message* *opens message* Darren Schwartz: are you serious?? *keyboard sounds* Alan: yup so i […]

Capt. Raghu Raman | 🇮🇳 5 Life Lessons from the Indian Army Life 🇮🇳 | Josh Talks

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So let me begin with my induction into the Indian Military Academy (IMA) I came from Delhi University I was a complete,as we call in the army colgate,because I came from college whereas the other friends of ours would come from NDA or from Sainik school and other military background In indian academy we have […]

Freeze Mother Bitches! – Bad Boys (3/8) Movie CLIP (1995) HD

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[Burnett] Julie, it don’t take that long to get shampoo. C’mon, please, let’s go. [Julie] Look at this: “Animal tested”, “Animal tested”… Do you know how many chemicals are in this stuff? Hey, I don’t care if you go bald. Just get it and let’s go. Jojo. He is a chemist… There’s entirely too much […]

Lee’s Karate adult ad for Jonesboro and Paragould Arkansa

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Click on the Programs button below this video to see all of our adult programs and decide which is best for you to try in our no commitment trial classes!! Click on the Programs button below this video to see all of our adult programs and decide which is best for you to try in […]

Wheelchair Karate: 1st belt: Kevs’ journey locks and drills

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hi guys and welcome to sons of cane YouTube channel this week we continue my journey into karate and we’re looking at locks so as always we will be adapting what we know developing the principle and seeing how we can fit it in for each individual user so for the rest of the red […]

MAAN KARATE FULL TAMIL MOVIE | Sivakarthikeyan, Hansika Motwani, Yogi Babu | Full HD |With Subtitles

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Give me your ID cards We shouldn’t have any hassles from HR, project manager, client Spit to cleanse all curses Bad vibes…vanish Cheers Where do we look for him in this dense forest? Did you at least get his phone number?! Hey! I saw this dog with the Holy man Is he the Holy man […]