2/9/16 5:52 PM (Going To Karate Class) Fleming Island, Fl

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Time: Feb 9, 2016 5:52:40 PM Type: Normal Speed: 0.0 Lat.: 30.03573328 Lon.: -81.81346451Time: Feb 9, 2016 5:52:59 PM Address: 518 Arthur Moore Dr Type: Normal Speed: 1.1 Lat.: 30.03572777 Lon.: -81.81345053Time: Feb 9, 2016 5:53:00 PM Type: Normal Speed: 2.7 Lat.: 30.03571641 Lon.: -81.81344035 Time: Feb 9, 2016 5:53:01 PM Type: Normal Speed: 4.4 […]

Vir The Robot Boy | Hindi Cartoon For Kids | Student of the week | Animated Series| Wow Kidz

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Bunty, why are you throwing paper rockets on us? When did I throw paper rocket? What evidence do you have? Friends, did any one of you see me hiting Vir and Imli with paper rocket? Haha! No, we didn’t see. I didn’t hit you. Did anyone see? No, we didn’t. Ok Kid, now what will […]

New Amazing Case for the Collapsible Bo Staff

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Hi, I’m Corbin from KarateMart.com. And you’re probably already familiar with the Collapsible Bo Staff, which extends out from a shorter baton to a longer staff. [staff clicks] The nice thing about the Collapsible Bo Staff is that, when it’s collapsed, it’s easier to store it and carry it around. Once you’ve got your Collapsible […]

Patriotic Metal Weapons Available for the Month of July

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hey I’m Corbin from KarateMart hey I’m Ian at KarateMart.com welcome to our fourth of July video today’s fourth of July because that’s when this video is released if you don’t know the fourth of July is basically the American Cinco De Mayo you’ll notice that we’ve got a patriotic display of a flag…ish it’s […]

Karate Tournament: How Do I Get Ready for a Karate Tournament? | Urban Martial Arts

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How are you doing? My name is Sensei Serge Sognonvi. I’m the owner and head instructor of Urban Martial Arts and in this video I’m going to help you with your competitions, forms, weapons and sparring. So if you’re planning to spar at a karate tournament, the best thing you want to do is work […]

Agility & Speed – Karate kumite fitness drills!

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Hey everybody my name is Rodney Hobson from Rodney Hobson Karate Academy thanks for joining me for another video! Today is all about agility, now we work on our technical and tactical quite a bit in our martial arts program but physical ability and conditioning it’s so important when it comes to our athletes. If […]

Shotokai Martial Karate do style Average Training by renowed sensei Mario Rodríguez Suarez

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A historic video on the still average Shotokai karate style intense martial training in Cuba, then recorded at its main dojo and shrine in the capital city, locally known and found as (Avenida Casa Blanca # 15 % 70 y 17. Reparto Guiteras). Related videos?https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCetHXpbhe_ubB7MMxnJHe2w https://youtu.be/uPYYGbGR2w0 Be ready Naming the Kata to be executed Counting […]

Do I Really Need To Learn Karate History? — Karate Philosophy

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Hello and onegaishimasu! Do you know where karate comes from? Let’s take a look way back into the history of Okinawa to find out! I’ll start out with my personal history! I started training way back in August 2002, and I haven’t stopped since! I spent 15 years at my home dojo before I had […]

How To Start Calisthenics – PULL UPS | THENX

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what’s up elites and accessories its criteria welcome to another video from central Phenix today we’re going to do a special video for all you viewers that keep saying we need to do something a little easier for the beginners out there so today we’re going to do how to start calisthenics and less than […]

Video Karate Lessons : Karate Cat Stance

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How are you doing? My name is Qaeem and on behalf of Expert Village, I’m going to be demonstrating Shorin-Ryu Karate. In Shorin-Ryu Karate, we have many different stances. The stance that I am going to be demonstrating right now is the cat stance. It is called the cat stance because when you move it […]