Martial Arts battle arena glitch!!

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Thumbs up for super fast

Who Is West Coast Aikido Martial Arts Academy?

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Hello my name is Ross Taylor Sensei I’m the principal instructor of West Coast Aikido Academy I started the West Coast Aikido Academy in 1993 after training with my sensei for a number of years. We started off in a small community centre with several community centres before opening my full-time dojo in November 2012. […]

Unleash Your Super Brain To Learn Faster And Work Smarter | Jim Kwik

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Jim: How’s everyone feeling today? Participants: Okay. Jim: So when I ask you a question, if it feel right to you, I want you to say super. How’s everyone feeling today? Participants: Super. Jim: Super. And I wanna honor you for being here because I’ve been going to seminars and events my whole life. How […]


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Courtney: I am determined this time. I always laugh, cause I love to laugh. What can I say? I’m not doing it this time. And you can take that to the bonk. Noah: To the bonk? Courtney: Don’t make me laugh. (laughs) Ian: To the bonk? *Intro music* Courtney: Ready go! Keith: Oh. Shayne: Try […]

Overstuffed Closets Cause Stress and Take Too Much Time

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Before you couldn’t shut the doors on my closet, shoes were in a pile, and I was wearing the same shoes all the time because I could never find the shoes. It was kind of like the socks that get lost in the dryer, my shoes got lost in the closet. I would find one […]

Stop stigmatizaciji

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Survivors of sexual violence and rape have been exposed to stigmatization for more than 20 years in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Constant distrust and questioning. Injustice. Labeling. Loneliness. Silence. We must not be silent observers. Life on margins. Fear from people. 5 minutes to 12 o’clock. Hatred. Hunger for revenge. Let’s start talking. Why did she […]

A bemelegites – Karate alapok

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Sziasztok! Ebben a részben a bemelegítés fontosságáról szeretnénk egy kicsit beszélni. Ez szerintem minden sportágban, ahogy a karatéban is elengedhetetlen, hiszen maga az egyik felkészítés már az edzésre, ill. a versenyekre. A bemelegítésnek az első részében, látjátok a háttérben már Márszi el is kezdte, az ún. keringésfokozás, az izmoknak a bemelegítése. Ezek apró futások, ill. […]

Martial Arts Journey Trailer • SBG Ireland Edition

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Hi everyone, my name is Rokas. I am a thirty year old Lithuanian, who has begun training martial arts at the age of fourteen. I was living in a rough time where violence was common, which lead me to search for a martial art which would teach me to defend myself and others. To my […]

TYPES of KIDS – Navratri vs Normal Days | #Roleplay #Fun #Sketch #MyMissAnand

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& today’s video is related to this If you want to get the God Blessings this Navratri.. you know what you need to do…. yes hit the LIKE button and get this video to 100,000 LIKES So lets enjoy the video Anantya!! get up fast. Grandma is calling you for making prayer to god Mumma […]


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