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Kinder Karate™ classes teach The Counting Song

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Ha-ha-ha-ha, Kinder Karate classes in PA? Pittsburgh? Mckeesport PA? Jefferson Hills? Pleasant Hills?… is that your song? Okay. Let’s sing it one more time. Ready? Hanna, dool, set, net, that’s one two three four, Daset Yaset Ilgop, now I know three more. Yadol, ahop, yol, that says 8,9, 10. Look how good I’m counting, let’s […]

Martial Arts Classes

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Martial arts classes can change your life or the life of your child.People all around the world, young, old, and of all fitness levels are discovering a variety of martial arts classes in which to participate both on a recreational and professional basis. Some of the most popular martial arts variations include karate, tae kwon […]

Let’s Make a Sandwich with a Katana

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Hi, I’m Ian at KarateMart.com. And I’m Corbin with him. Corbin what we talking about today? First, before we do anything else we have to announce the winner of the contest. The knife giveaway. Right. right. If you remember, you get the combat tanto knife. And you get the sharpening stones that are slightly used […]

Let’s Throw Sharp Things! Giveaway Contest with Throwing Weapons.

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Hey! Welcome to our video I’m Corbin. And I’m Ian. So. Ian, Tell me, what are we talking about today? Oh, I suppose throwing weapons in general. We actually have a giveaway contest and we’ll give you the details afterwards. So stick around to the end because we’re also gonna be. I love giveaways. We’re […]

Judo Grand Master vs Karate. JUKKENDO Official Video.

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“The Toughest Man Who Ever Lived” “The Godfather of MMA” by Nori Bunasawa. Buy the book at: [email protected]

CHINKUCHI: OKINAWAN KARATE POWER (Kettlebell Exercise) – Jesse Enkamp

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Do you want more power in your karate techniques? Then you should really understand the concept of “chinkuchi”, an ancient old Okinawan principle of explosive power generation. Check it out. All right, so chinkuchi the word itself, Chinku… let me see… c-h-i, “chinkuchi” is actually a concept, or a principle from Okinawa, the birthplace of […]

Top 10 Movie Fight Scenes

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>>CineFix Host: Say what you will about action movies but there is something special about two people trying to beat the [BLEEP] out of each other on screen. These are the top ten fight scenes of all time.>>[MUSIC]>>Trinity: Run Neo, run.>>[MUSIC]>>Trinity: What is he doing?>>Morpheus: He’s beginning to believe.>>CineFix Host: Starting us off at number […]

Revealing the Identity of the Mysterious Obstacle in Yandere Simulator

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In the Hitman games, your objective is simple: eliminate your target and escape. So, could you just stab your target right at the start of the mission, and then run straight for the exit? Well, you could try, but you would immediately be shot to death by dozens of security guards. So, how about following […]

How to Hit a Heavy Bag for Beginners – Part 1

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Hey, guys. Ando here from SenseiAndo.com. So, I’m at the gym the other day. I see this guy at the heavy bag. It’s clear to everybody he has no idea what he’s doing. Plants his feet, starts wailing away. He’s grunting, yelling, screaming. I can only describe it like a hippo who’s been set on […]