CWC vs PROJECT ZORGO in Real Life NINJA BATTLE ROYALE & Searching for Abandoned Mysterious Clues

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what is up ninjas in the last video we were chopping up fruit with our new ninja weapons that we got and we found a bunch of secret notes and when we pieced them all together we discovered that project zargo is collecting DNA evidence and the person who left this note says that they […]

Übung Körpereinsatz (Shotokan Karate)

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HOW TO USE YOUR BODY A technique achieves its maximum effectiveness when it is performed with use of physical strength I want to address this topic with a combination, which consists of four different positions At the beginning of the combination, the back foot is pushed to the ground to accelerate the body forward To […]

Daniel Defends Ali – The Karate Kid (1/8) Movie CLIP (1984) HD

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Why don’t you just take those Cobra Kais and get out of here? That’s going to solve everything. – Give me my radio. – No. I said, give me my radio. – You promise, you talk to me? – Yes, just give me my radio. Yes. – You just broke my radio! – Yeah. Don’t […]

Advanced Okinawan Kempo Karate : How To Roundhouse Kick in Kempo Karate

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Okay, so those are three basic kicks, front, side, back. Your other basic kick is a little more advanced, but it’s still a basic kick. Your mowashi-geri or roundhouse kick, circular kick. This one is the most common kick they use in sparring. The reason is, it’s very versatile as where the targets can be […]

Koden Kan Karate Moves for Beginners : Forward Snap Kick in Koden Kan Martial Arts

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Hi! I’m Madison Warner and I’ve been teaching for over 10 years in Michael M. Foley system of Koden Kan Karate and if you’d like to see more about our style you can go to or you can go to my website which is Today I’m going to teach you your first kick […]

The Most Savage Pranks of 2018!

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Dequarius Jr Des Prairies jr. Up north my boys. Call me. Jiggly. I’m dequarius. Joseph. Call me Teresa neele Oh called from Eduardo’s a third condition arias Mufasa oh Please throw the playoffs again How’s it going I’m just gonna puff a quick woods before I go in you want to hit it with me. […]

Coachella | S2 | EP 3 | Shin to Shin Options

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(intense music) (hard beating rock rhythm) – [Narrator] A quote from Kyuzo Mifune, Judo master. “Ju means being natural, or in other words, the way which is natural, and in accords with the truth of the universe, and the one that human beings have to follow. Also, ‘Ju’ may mean anything reasonable, just, and honorable, […]

Martial Arts Las Vegas – Kids martial arts classes – learning Escrima techniques called sinawali

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Hello! Go? Horse stance Hoa….Hi today we are doing 9 count. The first 3 go like this, when I am at the top 1. 2. 3. and under number 4 is low number 5 6, 7, and 8 are playing the drums. 6. 7. 8. 9 is abanico then tuck under and that is 9 […]

Karate Lessons for Kids – Toy Hunt at Toy Store with Chase and Cole Adventures

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(child yelling) (upbeat music) – Cole! – What was that? – [Kid] Choo choo train. – [Man] Yeah, you can play your trains. And we’ll pick out a prize. (upbeat music) – [Kids] Welcome to Chase and Cole Adventures! – Hi Chase. (child mumbling) Hi Cole-man. (child yelling) We gonna go do karate lessons today? […]

Nunchucks, bitches!

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From Hong Kong this time um, I need some scissors thank you You guys are going to be jealous when you see this Its not for me I guess it is kind of appropriate since its from Hong Kong oh yeah! Nunchucks, bitches!