Karate kid 3 Final fight

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דניאל סאן….דניאל סאן מר מיאגי זה נגמר תשכח מזה….אני מפחד בוא נצא מכאן…אני רוצה ללכתה ביתה אסור…אסור זה בסדר להפסיד ליריב אתה מוכרח לא להפסיד לפחד אני מפחד…אני מפחד ממנו בסדר היי!!!!! אתה תשאר ממוקד! דניאל סאן…הקראטה הכי טוב שלך נמצא עדיין בתוכך עכשיו זה הזמן לשחרר אותו… קדימה קום…קום לקו….קום לקו לרוסו, אתה לא […]

El Elenco De Karate Kid Es Irreconocible Hoy En Día

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ya sean los bravucones de cobra kai o el círculo íntimo de daniel cada actor del elenco de karate kid’ ofreció algo que ayudó a convertir a esta película en un clásico esto es lo que los actores de la película estuvieron haciendo a lo largo de los años y como se ven hoy en […]

Sesame Street: Smart Cookies Must Stop the Crumb | Smart Cookies

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– [Narrator] Smart Cookies. A tough batch of home-baked heroes. There’s the tech genius, Figby. Miss Fortune. Chipowski. And the rookie, Cookie Monster. – Hello. Together they have one mission, to stop The Crumb. – Today I’m going to mess up some dress up. (evil laughter) – I’ve located The Crumb. – [Smart Cookies] Let’s […]

2017 Sports Speaker Series: Askia “Ski” Allison

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[MUSIC PLAYING] All right, ladies and gentlemen, thank you for having me. Again, it’s been a pleasure to be here with you all today, noticing some of the changes from 22 years ago to now is pretty amazing. So I’m happy for a lot of you, and hopefully for your endeavors as well. Before we […]

The Cockroach Karate Kick | ScienceTake

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For many people, the cockroach seems indestructible. But one insect in particular has a unique, even ghoulish ability to break down its defenses: the emerald wasp. It doesn’t just kill the cockroach, it enslaves it. First, the wasp injects the roach with mind-controlling venom. That subdues the roach. The wasp then leads it to its […]

Kudo Daido Juku Karate Russia Eng/Sub

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Today we’ll tell you about Kudo Kudo came to Russia in 1991 and began developing in Vladivostok because, as you know, Russian Far East is close to Japan Azuma Takashi came there and gave permission to open the first dojo in Russia Then Kudo appeared in other Russian cities in 1994 the first gym was […]


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My name is actually meep And basically I want to introduce you to my amazing grocery store I have so many things in this You don’t even wanna know I actually (go keep) ? them all I have like 12 things in here but you know you can buy them all because I ran out […]

Ufku Akaltan | Hayal Et, Sınırları Zorla

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1973 senesinde 20 yaşında bir kız, 25 yaşında savaş pilotu olan bir erkekle evlenir ve Diyarbakır’a taşınırlar görevli olarak. Çocukları olur 9 ay sonra, tam 9 ay sonra. Bebek 3 aylıkken babası savaş pilotu olduğu için Kıbrıs Barış Harekatı’na katılmak üzere evden ayrılır. Bebek 6 aylık olduğunda ‘agu’ları daha anlaşılır bir şekle geldiğinde, babası savaş […]

L4 L5 Disc Bulge Treatment Without Surgery -How To Relieve L4 L5 Back Pain – Chiropractor in Vaughan

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L4, L5 disc bulge, disc herniation, disc protrusion, disc extrusion. In this video, I’m going to teach you how to interpret your MRI report if you received an MRI report from your doctor or specialist saying you have an L4, L5 disc herniation or disc bulge. Helping you relieve pain, conquer stress and supercharge your […]

Martial Arts Training: When To Cross Train Your Martial Arts Style

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As we advance in our martial arts we often see where our weaknesses are in our style and then we begin to realize we’re going to have to cross train in order to enhance our fighting skills in this video we’ll give the martial artist an idea of how and when they should start cross […]