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Leg Stretching Machine Review – The Full Breakdown – Benefits for Martial Arts

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Hi my name is Doug Swift from Enso Martial Arts and today I thought I’d give you a bit of information on the leg stretching machines that we sell at Enso Martial Arts. So first thing’s first I thought I’d just run through some of the features that leg stretching machine’s got and why you […]

Line Drills – Kumite sparring drill for WKF Sports Karate

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Hey everybody my name is Rodney Hobson from Rodney Hobson Karate Academy thanks for joining us for another video today. Today’s video is our line drills so we line up pads all across the center of the room we have athletes working on the left side and the right side. If they’re on the left […]

Advanced Okinawan Kempo Karate : Learning Kata in Kempo Karate

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We went over a few techniques: punches, kicks, blocks and stances. Another aspect of karate is kata or the empty hand forms. Kata was the backbone of all karate training from Okinawa to Japan. It came from China. The Chinese way of teaching martial arts used forms or what the Japanese and Okinawans call kata. […]

7 Day Vegan Challenge, baby (solves all yo’ problems) | Nominated by theodd1sout

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[Jaiden]: So James from theodd1sout did a video about his “7-Day Vegan Challenge Baby (solves all yo’ problems)” and if you go to the end of his video, he actually nominates me to do the “7-Day Vegan Challenge Baby (solves all yo’ problems)” If you haven’t seen James’ video, you should really watch it because […]

How tsunamis work – Alex Gendler

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In 479 BC, when Persian soldiers besieged the Greek city of Potidaea, the tide retreated much farther than usual, leaving a convenient invasion route. But this wasn’t a stroke of luck. Before they had crossed halfway, the water returned in a wave higher than anyone had ever seen, drowning the attackers. The Potiidaeans believed they […]

C64 Amiga International Karate +

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I don`t know what he says, it’s Japanese 😉 Koncentration Ahh, I think I see a progress No not !!! Google it, it`s Japanese, and to long to explain ??? You morons! Did you shit your pants already ?!! Start now !!! ?!? OMG Thanks for watching

Koden Kan Karate Moves for Beginners : Roundhouse Punch in Koden Kan Martial Arts

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Hi! I’m Madison Warner and I’ve been instructing for over 10 years in Michael M. Foley system of Koden Kan Karate, if you’d like to see more about us then you can go to our website which is h2hctc.com or www.mellei.com. Today I’m going to teach you roundhouse punch, okay you’re going to get into […]


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Olay Sharer’s I’m gonna step things up a notch with this giant rainbow sword look at this thing oh yeah that’s much bigger and we got this mr. red soda Carter let’s shake it up so it pops like crazy oh yeah time to explode this thing so long mr. soda ready and three two […]

7 Reasons Ben Shapiro Is So Dominant In Debates

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Ben shapiro is one of the most famous and skilled political debaters out there and even if you’re not into politics his arguments are fun to watch. In this video I want to explore why Ben is so talented in debates. Specifically, I’m gonna give you seven techniques that you can use no matter what […]