Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi | Animated cartoon | Robotic tanga | Wow Kidz

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Friends there are many special features to this robotic carriage. 1st it runs faster than a taxi, 2nd its fare is less than a taxi. And 3rd feature is that if you tell him the place you want to go, it would take you to that place on its own. Long live!! Big brother you […]


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– [Man] All these are like cracked geodes. We should crack one of these with a hammer salad. That looks good. – [Man] That does look good. Okay ready? – [Man] Yeah. (gentle music) (upbeat music) What’s going on Coyote pack? Well it is officially our day off from filming episodes for the Brave Wilderness […]

Calisthenics VS Weights (How I Got So Strong) | THENX

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– What’s up elite THENX athletes? It’s Chris Heria. Welcome to another video of official THENX. Today we’re gonna be continuing the series How I Got So Strong. And today we’ll be covering calisthenics versus weights. Let’s get into it. (techno music) Alright guys, so let’s get started. So today we’re gonna be going over […]

Interview with Karate Mani and Jimmy | Gulshan Devaiah | Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota

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(Speaking in Tamil)

FINALLY! Kellyanne Conway Tells The Truth About Jim Acosta’s Karate Chop VIDEO!!!

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FINALLY! Kellyanne Conway Tells The Truth About Jim Acosta’s Karate Chop VIDEO now let’s bring in Kellyanne Conway counselor to the president Kelly Anne welcome back to Fox News Sunday thank you for having me Chris so let’s start with the president’s infamous confrontation with Jim Acosta at that news conference as you know I […]

The Best Style of Martial Arts For Your Training

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Karate is the best you got that all Jujitsu is the best all fights end upon the ground thats how come we are the best we We are never on the ground around let’s…. You both are wrong today we’re going to talk about combining your martial arts is it really MMA or is it […]

How to Do a Back Kick | Karate Lessons

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Today we talk about the back-kick or ushiro geri in Shotokan karate. This is the strongest technique that really, in my opinion, exists in our standard karate movements. It’s the strongest because it’s the leg which is stronger than the arms, it’s a thrust which is stronger than a snap, you have the hip rotation […]

When Eating Contests Go Wrong

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yo what is good guys it’s just me dom and I kidnapped the channel for the day but don’t be worried the other guy is just fine. /inaudible voices come from a box/ I said he was fine! So before we dive into the dark side of eating contest – Hi, my name is Dom […]

Gershon Ben Keren: “Krav Maga Tactical Survival: Personal Safety in Action” | Talks at Google

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[MUSIC PLAYING] SPEAKER: Good morning, everybody. Gershon Ben Deren is a fifth degree black belt in Krav Maga, the fighting system of the IDF, and is a professional security consultant with over 20 years working as both an operative and as a trainer. His book “Krav Maga Tactical Survival” presents as many nonphysical solutions to […]

Karate in der SV Böblingen

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