Karate : Contrôle ≠ distance [karate-blog.net]

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Hello and welcome. I’m Bruno Bandelier, the Karate teacher of the net. And today I would like to you a video of “control”. Because I see too often, students or even videos you see on the internet where control is … In fact, confused: control and not be at the right distance. So, here, I’ll […]

Need for Speed in real life – D-Pursuit

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أهلا أنا رئيس السباقات أرى إنك أخترت لنفسك سيارة عائلية يجب أن تعلم بأن تغيير التروس بطيئ جدا في هذه السيارة. لذا عليك التغيير مبكرا حسنا إربط الحزام وإستعد، سأرسل لك موقع السباق على النقال الآن، تفحصه. إنتبه! لاتستعمل النقال أثناء القيادة أنها السيارة ، ما الذي تنتظره أسرع! رائع!! لقد فزت سيارة جديده، تفحص […]

Jillian Michaels: Don’t believe the keto diet hype

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How do we really decipher the thousands of studies that are out there on all of these diets? And the problem is what people will do to try to sell you a false bill of goods is take one study and blow that study out as though it’s the entire picture, when of course it […]

Beginner Kyokushin Karate Techniques : Basic Kyokushin Karate Stances

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On behalf of Expert Village, my name is Tony Capraro, sensei of Kyokushin Karate, Without Limits, Inc., 1652 Richmond Avenue, Staten Island, New York. We are here today to present to you basic Kyokushin technique. We’re going to go over and demonstrate some of the basic fighting stances in Kyokushin karate, knock down karate, a […]

Védekezés fajtái – Karate alapok

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Sziasztok! Most a WKF Karatéban való védekezés fajtáit fogom nektek bemutatni. Egyelőre 4 fajtát mutatok meg. Az első fajta védekezés az csak a kéz blokk, ill. test blokkok lesznek. Hogyha az ellenfél támad kéztechnikával, akkor meghosszabbítjuk a távolságot, és blokkoljuk. Maga a pontszerző technika akkor van, hogyha valaki megérinti a fejünket, jó kivitelezéssel, és a […]

shinkyokushin karate

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Shinkyokushin karate Shinkyokushin karate Shinkyokushin karate


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[laughing] No way! Is this another weird music video? Come on, guys. Why is he in a horse farm? Is this song about riding horses? This is K-Pop isn’t it? Or J-Pop? J-Rock? One of those things? That’s all cocaine, you know? This is awesome. He looks like Chow or whatever, from The Hangover. Why […]

Video Karate Lessons : Reverse Karate Mid-Section Punch

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How are you doing? My name is Qaeem and on behalf of Expert Village, I’m going to be demonstrating Shorin-Ryu Karate. In Shorin-Ryu Karate, we have the reverse punch. In the reverse punch, I’m going to be demonstrating today is going to be the reverse punch towards the center of someone’s body, which is the […]

Martial Arts for Kids and Adults East Grand Rapids

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You’re never too young and it’s never too late to start martial arts it’s a great program for life at any age in any level. We take them as early as around three we have had exceptions we like to personally meet with you and we’ll sit down and evaluate your child but the best […]

MartaI Art Battle Arena Pt.1

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Martal Arts Fighting Pt1