Special Delivery for Sub Zero

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[phone ringing] [chime] See if I missed any phone calls. Ah! Scorpion called. At least he left a voice mail. I’m coming over there! That’s awesome. Four arms. Oh my God! Hey! Is somebody pulling into my driveway? [doorbell chimes] [mailman humming to himself] Sub Zero: Yes? Mailman: Oh! [startled] Umm. Uh Hi, [stuttering] I’m […]

Our Belt System – Golden Leopard Dojo

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Good Evening I just want to explain something real clear before you go on any further in our advanced techniques. I want to explain to you that all of my students that you see except for the BLACK BELT students are WHITE BELTS. That’s the way our family teaches the style. That’s not to denigrate […]

Karate Mokena | Karate in Mokena

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Frankfort Black Belt Academy has nine different belts – white, orange, yellow, camel, green, purple, blue, brown, red and black. Every rank is advanced, every two months has possibility. You, students can take up to 4 to 6 months at the higher ranks only ‘coz the training gets a little more difficult. Now, the black […]

Will Karate Make my Child Aggressive or Violent?

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Will taking Karate classes make your child more aggressive or even violent? Hi. My name is Ando. I’m the Program Director here at Dawn Barnes Karate Kids in Los Angeles. And if you’ve ever asked that question, I get it! I mean, teaching kids to punch and kick seems like a crazy idea, doesn’t it? […]

Karate Self-Defense Tips : Karate Lessons: Block Hooks

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We’re going to go ahead and go for blocking hooks now. So Sari’s going to go ahead and hit me, I’m going to go ahead and block them. Go ahead. O.k. what she’s doing here is she’s striking me, what I’m doing is I’m blocking. I’m not just letting her hit me. The idea is […]

HOW TO CONTROL A FIGHT | Karate Footwork — Jesse Enkamp

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the person who controls the distance controls the fight in today’s video I’m gonna teach you three types of karate footwork that you can use to control the fight by controlling the distance in Japanese footwork is known as a she Tsubaki and these three versions that I’m gonna show you are some of the […]

THE SEISHIN GI | By Karate People, For Karate People — Jesse Enkamp

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The ultimate aim of karate lies in the pursuit of perfection. Dedicated karate practitioners spend countless hours in the dojo, developing their technique, mind and body. So why wasn’t there a karate uniform that truly reflects this quest for personal perfection? “The problem with most karate uniforms on the market, is that they’re not made […]

Fish Cutting in Sicily: Tuna and Swordfish

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Катания Сицилия Снято в Катания Сицилия Место: Mercato del pesce (Меркато-дель-Пессе) снял Aden 2017

Which martial art hits the hardest? Boxing vs Karate vs Taekwondo

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Thwackr has changed name to BoxBack See more on BoxBack.net (link below) Including reviews and FAQ Check out BoxBack.net for more information

Sesame Street: Cookie’s Crumby Pictures- The Biscotti Kid (Karate Kid Parody)

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NARRATOR: The following preview has been rated SR for School Readiness. COOKIE MONSTER: [MUNCHING LOUDLY] NARRATOR: He was a karate teacher looking for a student. MR. MICOOKIE: Want to learn biscotti karate? FLY: No, thanks. I take fly kwon do. Hiyah! NARRATOR: He was a karate student who wasn’t ready for karate school. COOKIE MONSTER: […]