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Cheerleader Karate School “Introductions”

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(mysterious music) (ominous music) – Can’t you go any faster? – Can’t you shut up? (growls angrily) – God, you are six signs of ugly. – Why can’t you leave me alone? – We can’t do that. – What is this? – It’s the end. (growls angrily) (suspenseful music) Like I said. (explodes violently) – […]

How to Do Advanced Blocks | Karate Lessons

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Okay. I’m going to talk about advanced blocks and advance blocks can sometimes be a matter of perspective. Sometimes, we take a simple block and we look at it from another perspective. It becomes an advanced technique. Now we’re going to look at blocks that occur in some of the kata, some of the forms. […]

Karate with Rebel Wilson and Kevin Hart

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Kevin: All right! I’m excited. – Extremely excited – I’m pumped. about this particular episode of “What the Fit.” I am Kevin Hart, and today– Oh, my God, I got my funny sister. Rebel Wilson, I’m a fan. Aww, that’s so nice. And I’m a massive fan of yours. I only met you, like, on […]

HUGE Silly String Easter Egg Hunt Paw Patrol Shopkins Bunny Surprise Eggs for Kids Kinder Playtime

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(fun, upbeat intro music plays) (intro music fades) It’s Kinder Playtime! Jacob Emily Chloe (baby laughing) It’s a toy party! Yay! (children laughing) Woo! We’re super excited! Happy Easter, everybody! Today, the magical Easter Bunny visited our back yard! (Jacob, Emily and Chloe scream in excitement) What do you think he left us? Probably some […]

Meet the Puppies from Barbie & Her Sisters in a Puppy Chase! | Barbie

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[MUSIC PLAYING] [PUPPIES BARKING AND PANTING] Awww. Now we can’t forget our furry friends. Can we? Wait up, you flutterby. Hmmm? (GASPING) Flutterby. Oooooh. I move to the beat of my own drum. Oh oh oh whoa. [BALLOON POP] [BALLOON DEFLATING] Oh yeah. I’m going to get my groove on. Surfing rules. They are snurfling. […]

How to play ALL the notes on the recorder! | Team Recorder

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Hello everybody. I’m Sarah and I’m a recorder player Now over here at Team Recorder I do a lot of videos that have advanced techniques or they go very In-depth and we really go into things that you can get your teeth into but I also want this channel to be totally accessible for people […]

Rory MacDonald vs Gegard Mousasi

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all right so you know war versus masala tea is so interesting to me for so many reasons and one of them is because I didn’t think we get it I mean Scott Coker even said I’m you know maybe in the future that was his his exact line but I don’t know what you […]

Daniel’s Training – The Karate Kid (6/8) Movie CLIP (1984) HD

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Secret to punch… …make power of whole body… …fit inside one inch, here. Power, whole body, one inch, here. Now punch. Hard. You some kind of girl or something? Punch! Drive a punch. Not just arm. Whole body. Hip, leg, drive a punch. Make kiai. Give you power. Now drive punch. -Kiai. -Once more. -Kiai. […]

Ralph Macchio Named His Son After the Karate Kid

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-Ralph Macchio, welcome back to the show. -Thank you. -Congrats on “Cobra Kai.” -Thank you, man. -Last time we were here, we were about it before it came out. -Yeah. -Now it’s been out, everyone loved it. It was a super hit. It’s 100% Fresh on “Rotten Tomatoes” Congratulations. That’s a big deal. [ Cheers […]