Overtime [Kung Fu vs MMA] by James Lee

Dad, where are you now? When are you coming home? Be back soon once I finish my work. Go down to the next level, There’s a briefcase inside the car. Retrieve it in 5 minutes. What’s inside? There’s some money, it’s yours if you get the briefcase. What about my debt? It’ll be clear half.

13 thoughts on “Overtime [Kung Fu vs MMA] by James Lee

  1. Someone please give some money to this director to make a action feature film ! It's not right if film of lesser quality gets financed but not this. I followed Doghouse films since "Second Life" and these people clearly has the passion and craft to make a high quality local action film.

  2. This was nicely done. Great choreo and camerawork. And the SFX rocked, any chance to get my hands on those? Yes and convincing acting! You guys know what you are doing.

  3. Hi Dear James Lee, I love your work and perception and would love to study filmmaking in Malaysia. After watching your different videos I got inspired and I told myself maybe I should go studying there. Please know that I am very motivated about learning and grow in that direction so by chance and with all due respect would you have any school recommendation ?
    Best Regards.

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