Overstuffed Closets Cause Stress and Take Too Much Time

Before you couldn’t shut the doors on my closet,
shoes were in a pile, and I was wearing the same shoes all the time because I could never
find the shoes. It was kind of like the socks that get lost in the dryer, my shoes got lost
in the closet. I would find one shoe and I couldn’t find the other one, forget it — okay,
I’ll just wear these. And I knew I had the perfect pair to go with the perfect outfit
but I never could find them. And now they’re all nice and organized and I can look at them
and go, that’s exactly what I need and it’s right there! And you know what else? I put
them back where they belong, and that’s something I’m really not good at. But I am now. They
go right back in the same slot, it’s so cool! My life before Kathi was chaotic, messy; it
was messy. My house was messy, I wasn’t organized and yet I organized people’s offices, I couldn’t
organize my own life. And I needed a little bit of help, the help of a good friend, and
Kathi proved to be the best, best thing I ever did. My house is organized, my office
was organized, I love what she did with my office. I had all this beautiful office furniture
and it was just covered with stuff and she helped me clean it up. I know where everything
is, I travel a lot and so I tend to go from suitcase to suitcase to suitcase but everything
now has a place to go back to. And Kathi came in and just gave me a whole system to follow,
and what she did for my bedroom was just amazing, what she did for the closet was the best.
Just having everything right there when I need it, I rush in and change my clothes out
of my suitcase, put everything back where it belongs and leave and I don’t come home
to a mess anymore. Actually this is…I’m not making this one
up or anything, I was looking at my closet last night and I was just picking up some
stuff from my suitcase I was dumping it out and was thinking, “God, it’s so nice to look
at this thing and not see a mess anymore.” And I can thank Kathi for that.

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