Overcoming Frustations When Starting Jiu Jitsu – Jocko Willink

please cover overcoming the frustrations
of beginning jiu-jitsu and this is coming from a 54 year old by the way but
not quitting good good for him that’s awesome
glad you’re picking up the jujitsu at 54 years old okay so how do you the
frustrations at beginning JJ and it is absolutely if you have the wrong mindset
it’s viciously frustrating because of everything we just talked about and you
think oh I’ll just do this and let’s go little bit harder and I just won’t put
my on there and I’ll be able to win you’re not gonna win you are gonna lose
you’re gonna lose over and over and over again to people that are smaller than
you weaker than you not as tough as you are literally not as tough as you are
you know not as tough as you are you know jiu-jitsu has a faction of of nerds
for lack of a better word straighten nerds and no offense to the nerds out
there but you know people that are not physically active and then some for some
reason they fall into Jersey at some point and and the and the whole sudden
it got a guy that’s and they’re not tough but they’ll know the moves and
I’ll finish you so that so those the people you’re gonna lose to so and it’s
a it’s a long long slow journey that takes a long time now that being said if
you train for a month and someone’s train zero that journeys not that long
you but that guy yeah you you will beat that guy I mean you know again you take
two people one of them knows jujitsu for a month and one of them doesn’t that
guy’s gonna win I mean you know basic way same way basic same you know he
can’t have somebody that’s completely weak but in six months
you’re beating anybody that sound for the ninety five percent that maybe you
99% of people I don’t train but but but as far as like you think you show up and
in six months you’re gonna be beating a blue belt it’s not happening yeah yeah
it’s not happening a beating a purple belt is not happening you you’re not
gonna you’re not gonna catch a purple belt you know in in your first two or
three years unless you got just somebody that does lets you yeah yeah of course
you’re given like Jeff Glor he’ll let people put him in
all cut he does that in companies you saw that Metamora see he lets all kinds
of great things happen so yeah can that happen of course but as far as
legitimately yeah taking someone down yeah it’s not gonna happen to me so so
that’s all that’s what I’m saying is a long slow journey especially to because
everyone’s on that bus we’ve talked about this before everyone’s on the bus
getting better so that blue belt that started that you started six months
behind or a year behind so he’s a blue belt you’re a year behind him he’s not
stopping getting better so as you start to pursue his game his game is evolving
and changing and improving so you’re not going to get there and then on top of
that when you do learn something new it takes time to incorporate it into your
game so if I taught you echo and new move tonight
I said hey here’s the school it’s here’s this new setup for the armlock and we
drilled it ten times and you went now and started to apply that it would make
your game worse because you’d be trying to apply a move that you don’t know 100%
yet like you’ve got some good solid moves that you do and those are you know
those work really well so when you start incorporating this new move you don’t
know it well you don’t get it all together so you’re gonna fail out at a
hundred times it’s not gonna work a hundred times
before you get it and by the way every time you tried it on me I got on top and
then I smashed you in the night so you’re you’re sacrificing and it’s in
every time so you’re actually going backwards a little bit before you can go
forward so that’s problematic and that’s very very frustrating occasionally you
might learn something that like really improves your game dramatically almost
instantly that happens from time to time someone will say hey put your own
position here or hey you know whatever the case may be but generally when you
incorporate something new it can take some time you’re gonna get injuries
you’re gonna get little injuries you’re gonna get big injuries you’re gonna be
sore you’re gonna so yes you will be frustrated so how do you counter all
that you just got to embrace it you’ve got to embrace all those things you
gotta enjoy all those things and I hate to be cliche here but you got to enjoy
the journey you got to enjoy getting tapped out by somebody that small yeah
be amazed by that you know say dang how did that just happen that is impressive
you know you know say hey got a little war scar
on my face I got you know split the eye open okay cool chicks dig scars you know
I mean just gonna go don’t don’t don’t look at all that stuff as negative look
at it as you know it’s like don’t rush to the end don’t rush to the end don’t
mean a rush to get there take your time and enjoy the sights that you’re gonna
go for also I’ve said this before select your training partners carefully
especially like you’re 54 years old you don’t want to be rolling with a 20 year
old steroid freak that’s going white belt trying to kill you you want to be
rolling with a cool mellow purple belt that’s wants to do jujitsu yeah in in
train and finally I would just say remember that jiu-jitsu should be fun it
should be all those other things all those frustrated all those challenges
all those things all that humiliation and humor and getting humbled but should
be a good time you should have fun we’re doing jiu-jitsu I know I do yeah yeah
like a video game right you know I’m in town for a couple of days man and I came
back and I had a little injury that I figured figured out took me a little
while got my jacked-up finger it took me a little while to uh get the right get
the right apparatus to splint it properly and protect it but it’s but
tonight I trained and I was so happy I was so happy
go on you’re getting on the mat just saying yes yeah that that is how we’re
all these all the junk parts that come with it were quote-unquote jumper you
know like the is yeah I got choked out aware that’s all part of the game seems
obvious right yeah it’s all part of the game but be happy that that’s the game
you’re in you know so I mean jiu-jitsu basic I mean if you don’t do jiu-jitsu
this would be kind of kind of an insight basically all it is you go if you go to
a class you go in you you may or may not warm up you learn a move whether it be a
submission move or just a move you learn a move two moves three moves sometimes
four moves and then you cut to rolling straight up you guys are fighting no
strikes that’s it you’re fighting no strikes
if you whatever moves you know go ahead and do them want one in real life
against this guy that’s it if you don’t know if that’s your first day and you
learn one two three moves first day you better try to do those
moves that’s it so of course you know two three moves that you learned once by
the way and you roll with someone who even if he’s still a white belt or
whatever he knows those moves and then you know three four more and he’s
practiced some in you know in real time or whatever I’m crazy is gonna get you
you know that’s just how it works but keep in mind the more you go the
more you do the moves more moves you learn the more you practice some in real
life the better you get at them and you know let’s go ahead and just apply this
to life as well cuz jiu-jitsu such a great metaphor for life whatever you’re
doing whatever goal you’re trying to achieve if you’re letting those
frustrations when you hit those obstacles if you’re letting them control
you and get you down that’s the wrong attitude to have you know look at it as
a learning opportunity look at it as something that’s good that’s happening
look at it as a chance for you to try something new
look at it as the journey that you’re trying to let you in by the way anything
that’s easy to achieve and you don’t hit any obstacles well that’s not worth it
right that’s not it’s not gonna get the full satisfaction that you want out of
that so in life as in jiu-jitsu don’t get frustrated embrace those challenges
because those are what is making this goal worthwhile I’m telling you when you
let’s see you well back to the avoiding frustration specifically it does how
you’re saying training partners that doesn’t make a big difference because
sometimes everyone small like I’ve heard of people where their schedule doesn’t
allow them to catch like the beginner class for example so they’re like hey
I’ve no choice I got to do this more intermediate or advanced class so
they’re the only white belt and the next you know guy even close to the team is
like a advanced blue belt so that’s gonna be a steep learning curve it’s
gonna be tough cuz it’s how are you gonna practice your moves in the while
ever you won’t get to work your offense yes really but here’s kind of a good
thing you get to work your defense so when you get the opportunity to exercise
like your offense whether you you get in another class or he just comes but just
takes longer whatever but you know how good your defense is gonna be yeah and I
actually so from training with Dean for so many years you know he’s just got
some positions that are brutal brutal positions and you know for instance his
mount is is outstanding he’s when he gets the mount
when anybody else that I’ve ever trained with in my life has mounted with the
exception I guess of Hicks and Gracie I felt like oh it’s not being this is
not you know this is not horrible scenario right and not that I’m not that
worried I’m not trying to degrade people I’ve trained with but that is a grip
Dean has an incredible mount and on top of that Dean kind of knows my escapes so
whereas if I roll with a random other really good you know wolf class black
belt they might not know the particulars of my escape
Dean actually does know those and he’s good and he’s good at it so so you’re
right in that the more you train with people that are better than you your
your defense is gonna be very good cuz like when you mount me I mean you got a
good solid mount but I’m not I’m like I’m like okay cool all I’m gonna be out
of this and in a short period of time with with no real threats in in the Riu
bed I mean I’m sure it’s the same way you’ve got Dean mounted on you I mean my
mount because I don’t have a great mount my mount is nothing compared to Dean’s
nothing yeah yeah fully yeah and that’s absolutely true and at the same time
though so what if you fall in and I don’t wanna say it’s like a small see
because it’s pretty big chance where if you enter a beginner class there’s gonna
get be a guy who’s just as much of a beginner as you could and that’s where
you can really flourish because you’re you can practice moves your new moves
which I mean for lack of better term your junk moves you know and junk people
I will say this though whoever you roll with whether they’re worse than you the
same as you are better than you you’re gonna get a lot out of it all three of
them yeah so you should roll with all three of those types people I have a
tendency to wanna usually roll with guys that are you know like good and and I
should spend more not I do I mean I definitely I train with everybody that
we got at the altar and everybody but I always prefer of course I guess I
shouldn’t say of course because there are people that are like white belt
hunters that want to go out there and be bullies I’m not like that I’d rather get
bullied right I want to get I want to feel the I want to get after it you know
yeah but you definitely get benefit from training with people that are better
than you worse than you and the same as you because you
is one of them you’re practicing defense one of them you’re practicing pure
offense and someone that’s equal than you you guys are practicing your setups
and and your approaches and you gotta learn how to defend and do offense and
defense at the same time so it’s all good bro oh yeah that’s basically the
concept here roll yes get after it consider that scenario you bro with then
you’re talking from an ideal standpoint roll with people better than you same as
you worse than you or you know not as good as you for a beginner that’s not
really the option the worse than you guys that’s not an option for a beginner
yeah really ya know so there’s no one to sole them well as far as overcoming the
frustrations or whatever it is a good situation where you can get in with guys
just as beginner as you and and hope that they hang around this after a
certain amount of time those guys who aren’t as new or I could see where it
could become frustrating if you were the guy he was I wonder let’s say a guy
that’s you have to work late and you can only go to the advanced class and all of
a sudden you think jujitsu is just getting crushed yes like and I can’t
learn this really you know so I guess leading distance to understand but yeah
that’s that’s a good point so keep in mind that if you’re in that situation
it’s okay you’re gonna you’re gonna when you eventually get to roll with people
that are more your skill level you will be you’ll be that much better off yeah
yeah for sure and watch the first time you tap someone out with a move that you
learned celebrate that did you yeah that’s a good that’s a good time

100 thoughts on “Overcoming Frustations When Starting Jiu Jitsu – Jocko Willink

  1. Can you do this with a back injury. Doctor didn’t see herniation but I’ve had back pain for over 7 months.

  2. Ryron and Renee teach us that getting submitted is a win, because we learn from that submission. We play it over in in our minds and we figure out how not to let it happen again.

  3. ehh, deliberately putting your face into someones sweaty armpit or groin is main reason any grappling sports are no fun

  4. I got discouraged by how they teach (Gracie). Because you are rolling with another student before being taught basics. The more seasoned student that a completely new person rolls with is someone who is there to get better, they don't really enjoy rolling with a newbie. I mean, no one ever says it but I can sense it. They don't really want to roll with a beginner. Tried a few times. Got the vibe each time. I guess I need to save up for someone to teach me one on one, rather than being taught by other students.

  5. Training bjj 6 months, highest belt I submitted was brown belt with an ezekiel probably because he didn't see it coming. Also submitted purple and blue belts. Won first tournament I ever been to, second time got a bronze. I consider myself talented but still frustrated when I lose and fuck up. This video helps thanks jocko

  6. Couldn’t agree more with Jocko on picking your partner. I have been training for almost 8 years and at 47 years old I balance being mildly selective in who I roll with and the need to challenge myself always. Sometimes I feel guilty if I ignore the spaz whitebelt because I am sure I was one too. Better to be safe and keep coming back to train day in day out than risk it too often I guess

  7. I would like to see the 18 people that gave this video thumbs down roll with Jocko. Jocko is the man a ton of wisdom and life experience. This is the kind of man that you would want having your back in a dark alley. Keep the knowledge coming Jocko love listening to you.

  8. echo's idolization of jocko cringe me so hard, the whole podcast would b better without him and also i could kick joko's ass easy

  9. I'm 25, fit and tried muay thai three years ago. I like martial arts. I'm thinking about joining a club but I'm not sure. Is it too late for me?

  10. The true difference between karate & taekwondo and styles like jujitsu & judo is that you will actually be physically controlled by your opponent. That fucks with your self-esteem. If you don’t get off on overcoming adversity you will not like jujitsu and judo.

  11. Needle in a haystack but, As a one stripe white belt, I was being taught by a brown belt who outweighed me and rolled often, he obviously was never going full tilt because he would of steam rolled me, but he like switching north south alot and I put my leg up and caught his neck, saw his arm and stumbled upon a reverse triangle, tapped him, he was actually surprised I had the intuition to lock it up, to make sure I didn't get delusional, next round he smashed me in less than 10 seconds, that being said I loved losing as a white belt, every failures a lesson

  12. This is AWESOME information!  I did 2 weeks of this stuff once for a security guard licence.. the guy training had 30 years experience martial arts.  It was AWESOME.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q65KZIqay4E

  13. I’m in my fifties ,regardless of age – really would like to try the sport but I have a jacked up back- and terrified to get re-injured

  14. Had my first Jiu Jitsu session last night and it was riveting. Even came home with a little war scar on my lip from a rear naked choke 🤜🏽

  15. Jocko, don't take this the wrong way, its meant as a compliment! You should read in audio books, especially for kids! You have strong male voice and children need to hear good stories told by a voice like yours. It would make a huge difference for many kids.

  16. OK , i love jiu jitsu, i train inconsistently, i am still a white belt after 4 years. jiu jitsu is a positive fitness trend and lifestyle. i would encourage people to start even after 45 or 50. jiu jitsu is cardio, anerobic, calisthenic, and dieting and flexibility all in one, although it looks like wrestling it has nothing to do with wrestling or judo. its the total opposite of wrestling.

  17. Be sure to find the right gym and training partners. When I started, we had a Greco alternate guy who trained there and would go balls to the wall and just kick my ass over and over. He wouldn’t give any tips. Dude was a dick. Someone like that is detrimental to the team.

  18. Ironically fighting games are similar. I learn a new move 10 times in practice. Try to use it in a fight. I do worse at . eventually ill learn the set up an incorporate it. More fights is more data for your brain an eventually youll automatically take advantage of openings an apply what u practiced

  19. I started in March 2019 on my 52nd birthday, so I'm a white belt that's more than 10 months into it. Lost 30+ lbs in the first six months. I'm usually the only, or one of few, white belts in my 10am morning class (not a "beginner's class"). But it works out great for me. I'm getting better at defense/escapes, and the offense is sort of coming up a bit as well. I"m consistent, so I just have to keep coming!!

  20. Jocko former 160th guy here… tonight I rolled with black belts and brown and purple belts… I held my own Even catching a few submissions until I gassed out from working all day ( digging ditches) when I started gassing out and I knew they clearly could toy with me I purposely put myself in bad positions at my worst moments like making them go knee on belly or told them to take my back and make me fight when I can't really push the pace… What do you think is that the correct approach ?

  21. Most accurate comments ever. Getting submitted by someone I physically dominate across the board in every aspect except; experience. It was so rewarding and humbling but man those first few weeks felt like I was in quicksand lol

  22. Thanks, Jocko. It was good to hear that… My game's going to get worse if I try something new. I've been training for 2 years with no offensive game whatsoever because I'm afraid to try (and fail) to do something new when I roll. The result is… Stagnantion. I take L's anyway, so I may as well take them trying to get an armbar instead of defending all the time.

  23. I Live in San Diego and recently started looking for a Gym to Join and I Found the Gym Jocko Owns! Literally down the street from me I think it’s time to go get some

  24. In Jiujitsu pulling guard becomes very common specially if you don't have any wrestling experience. And you get smash all the time specially by guys who are better than you. When that timer start and you pull guard for the rest (4:55) seconds you're on survival mode. But once you accepted that fact you have learn the first lecture of Jiujitsu. Then after a few months you start to feel the lower back pain, Neck pain the bumps and bruises and mat burn and your wife or girlfriend is telling you that you shouldn't go but you can't stop because it has become addicting. A few more weeks go by and you show up to class and you roll with the same blue belt that has been smashing you for weeks and the same scenario goes by you pull guard and he goes to smash but something has change you're calm you're comfortable. You control your breathing and you can see everything in slow motion and all the sudden you know what he wants to do, he wants that knee slide that he loves so much but you're ready for it you get half guard and use that knee shield you were taught but you don't stop there you get the underhook and post your elbow and you get the sweep. You hear your coach in the background yell "ISSO" All of the sudden you're looking down on him after months and months of looking up on him and having his sweat dripping down you're looking down on him and it almost feels strange. You start getting chills down your spine but you stay in control and little do you know you're on side control and get that kimura grip and you lift and crank till you feel that tap. Once you get that submission there is nothing like it you won't be able to compare to anything because it is a unique experience unlike any other.

    Keep at it my jiujitsu nerds.

  25. I just took my first class yesterday. Loved it, but truly realized that I know absolutely nothing. And I also realized that it's something you can always improve at. And I've only done one class in my life.

  26. Y’all spoke of my current situation. I am a two stripe white belt. I’ve been training a little over a year now and I have been, and still am the only white belt in my class. We are a small town with a pretty small class. 3 blue belts, 5 purple belts, 3 brown belts, and our coach is a black belt.
    I do get frustrated pretty often as I still can only defend and survive. Although, survival has gotten easier. I try to stay positive and keep telling myself that I am lucky to train with all higher belts, but it would be nice to have a couple more students at my level.
    I do plan to start participating in some open mats that are held out of town. I am starting to feel confident to see how I can hold my own with some other white belts.

  27. Completely agree with rolling all 3 levels (above, below, and the same). You can try out C and D options on someone not as good, but you have to go with only A game when you are surviving against someone better (helps keep your ego in check too). Then when you get to someone you are on the level with it's game vs game which is a ton of fun.

  28. Started training Muay thai last october.On January i started basic course of 10th planet Jiu-Jutsu.Thank you Jocko for inspiration.

  29. Jocko is completely on point with this, if your just starting out in BJJ, you will be getting tapped out constantly and then eventually(if you keep training) you’ll be the one tapping people. It’s like a right of passage or initiation.

  30. i am 3 classes in and definitely enjoy it. my mind set is defense. Its also one of the most exhausting things i have ever done…and i am 47

  31. It's important as a beginner to acknowledge that you are going to struggle in ways that you aren't prepared for, but this realization is itself of preparation. You're gonna want to quit at times, and that's gonna keep happening. Don't quit.

  32. First month for BJJ. I’m injured at the end of every week. Mostly strains and sores but fuck is it annoying. Only thing for me is that I work a physically demanding job so I’m always rolling in limping or tape on my fingers.

  33. I actually like rolling with the higher level guys. They teach a lot when I’m rolling with them. I’ve found out which guys I like to roll with.

  34. Started on my 46 birthday in Oct 2019, getting smashed and running out of gas fast, watched YouTube to try and learn, but all the wrong approaches for me. Started to just work on breathing and instead of running like a V8 started thinking like a Prius. I’m a lot better now than in Oct, still getting smashed, but now I’m enjoying the process. Just really working on defense game (not by choice) but I know my offense will come soon. It is a process, getting smashed is part of it and once I understood things started to change. Nice to see so many older guys picking bjj up, it such a metaphor to life!

  35. dude working in ortho his finger splint is killing me. He did it wrong and I really hope a sublication doesn't occur for him. FAcccchhkkkkkk

  36. I'm a complete newbie as BJJ but I've noticed something applicable to this conversation. Don't be intimidated by belts, don't allow your mind to create hierarchies of the people in the gym (something people naturally do in BJJ gyms) because your mind will lie to you. Make everyone you roll with earn the win. My first class I got dominated by the instructor and the experienced white belts just like I expected to, but my second class I submitted everyone, didn't get submitted, and even caught the instructor, a purple belt, in a body crush (I have huge legs). I dominated and submitted a blue belt in my first two weeks. I'm not saying I'm good at BJJ, I'm not, but don't let experience and belts get in the way of a good roll. Ignore hierarchies when you roll if you can.

  37. I am about to have my first jiu-jitsu class in a few hours. Watching this helped me set my fears aside and just enjoy and learn from the beating I might take. Thank you

    Update: Just got choked 6 times in a 5 minute "roll" today. I had fun and understood that I really have a long way to go. Would do it again, since, I had fun.

  38. I've heard beginning BJJ as embracing the suck . Meaning know you will suck but don't let it get you down everyone expects you to struggle you don't have to get everything perfect and it's ok. Just roll and have fun. With time skills improve and you suck a little less. I'm in the middle of my first month and love it! Bring it on!

  39. Started bjj at the end of 2017, and I still get beat constantly. I can get most white belts but higher belts..no way. One day, slowly but surely!

  40. I am a walnut in my gym. I don’t give up. I make it hard on them. Even if there is a rear naked choke, I don’t give up. This is to me the essence of Jiu Jutsu.

  41. I don’t know if anyone else has this….but since I started BJJ 6 months ago, at 45yrs old, I feel like it’s getting in my head. I think about it all the time, I watch vids, I love class…..and I feel more confident. Is this part of the journey? I’m a no stripe white belt and tap out A LOT….but I still feel accomplished after every class.

  42. Thank you for posting. I just started Jiu Jitsu and I’m enjoying it. I can’t beat up a lot but there’s nothing like a good ass kicking to build up character. Plus once I get really good at it. It’ll all be rewarding.

  43. Started BJJ about two months ago. Will forever find it amazing how two people can fight/submit each other for 5-6 minutes then shake hands after… Learning to love a beatdown from a higher belt. It's fun trying to understand the technique of more experienced people. IF you're on the edge about trying it, JUST DO IT. You'll thank yourself.

  44. Started at 37 because I wanted my kids to learn. Only class I can make in any gym around me is the mellow one at lunch hour. Mixed bag of belts but it’s basically review class no drills just moves and some rolls. Got hurt 3 times in 10 classes. The last one got an initial fractured elbow diagnosis that thank goodness was reviewed to a bad sprain after MRI.

    I love BJJ but I was unable to hold my 1 y/o kid for 10 days. My responsibility is to my family first. I can’t “just roll” if I keep getting hurt over and over, they aren’t learning anything by putting me down. I’m not learning anything either.

    Guy that injured me tapped me 3 times in under 5 minutes. I already knew I didn’t know butterfly guard (prof asked us to start from it) or mount escapes lol, much less that he had kimura from my underhook in butterfly guard… shouldn’t be too hard to have a clear rule about what’s a “let’s go” roll and what’s a practice or instructional roll.

    The prof’s comments about me being the newest or asking the other guys to help me out only worked for the advanced guys. The white belts have no idea what that means!

  45. Just got my ass handed to me by a brown belt girl. Enjoyed every bit of it. Just gutted that she landed on my knee when I swept her, now I can't join the class tomorrow because of a torn tendon to my knee 🙁

  46. My grandson is learning BJJ. For reasons I won't get into my grandsons live with me. The grappling started weirdly, I would come home and he would be on me,not angrily. It was like Green Hornet and Kato, no hey let's wrestle just full on attacks. After a couple months of this I suggested BJJ to him. Cost was an issue I am 66 and retired, on a post 2008 pension and SS. I was fortunate to find a good trainer who had many students. He treats it casually, sadly he treats his study's the same way. I made him listen to this podcast. You explain it very well, here's hoping it works.

  47. My biggest motivator to continue training, to work out, to eat healthy, is the stories of people who are much better than me and who tell me how they started off lost and bad and then just put in the mat time to get where they are. And lo and behold, I've been training for almost 3 years and I'm able to do things I couldn't imagine doing my first week of training. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is beautiful, it's tough as all hell, but it's also super rewarding and provides much more than a body of sweet, effective fighting techniques. So to anyone on the fence, please trust this internet stranger and just go to class and continue training no matter what. It's worth it.

  48. Jon Jones, as a white belt in BJJ, submitted Lyoto Machida who was a black belt in BJJ. Jones even today is just a blue belt.

  49. inspiring chat……I started Jiu jitsu in January and man I feel like I'm laundry tumbling in a machine when beginner rolling but boy does it feel good! I feel like a kid at the end of each class ( 3 days/week) and thats a good thing when your almost 61 years old. never give up!

  50. Starting at 26. I've trained other arts but been at this for a month and a half. Funny you mention soreness and being beaten up because my whole upper body is covered in bruises as I write this. Your recollection of what it's like for us noobs is spot-on. But I love it and am in it to stay. Nothing has humbled me quite like jiu jitsu has!

  51. Comment 420 – I’ve been watching this video everyday for about a month now. Today I tapped someone for the first time. Very rewarding feeling.

  52. Started a week and a half ago, I’m a 6’6 220 weightlifter and I’ve been tapped by everyone in the gym except the females, 0 subs so far…. BUT IM THE LAST MF OUT OF THE GYM EVERYTIME I TRAIN!!!!

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