Our 5 Deadliest Ninja Weapons

this video is about five deadly ninja
weapons that we sell at KarateMart.com they’re our deadliest how many weapons? Five Corbin, it seems like I haven’t seen you
in a year and a half well I’ve been on a trip an acid trip it’s been a while
since we’ve done a video what have you been up to? it has been a while
since we’ve done a video I have… well [bleep] how are you gonna just ask me
a question like that and not give me a
moment to prepare for it? between the last
video and this one someone criticized
the quality of our audio so I got this microphone and stole his girlfriend we’ve been actually building a ton of new weapons in the shop we’ve been building away manufacturing cool stuff having a lot of fun in the back but I would like to talk about some deadly ninja weapons all
right so the first one is our futuristic shuriken set I’ve got the futuristic red
shuriken set oh that means I have the futuristic blue shuriken so you can see
they have gotten that’s pretty cool little I haven’t actually looked at any
of these yet I just have a stack of things next to me I didn’t actually
examine any of them yet pretty cool I like them to be a surprise then yes this
is a surprise yeah traditionally Japanese peasants you sure can to like
distract people this was not made by a Japanese peasant no my my experience with
shuriken started in high school because I went to high school at a time when
there was metal shop we used to make these in the metal shop on one of the a
sheet metal machines and there were so many of them stuck in this were they as
sharp as these you know they absolutely were not but they were rusty or arguably
more dangerous yeah these are made out of stainless steel
they’re made us to add a stainless steel but you are we and these oh wait look at
these coming up three four and five bladed yeah this looks like a multiset
they’re identical it’s a variety pack and yeah we’ve got the red and the blue
and you’ll notice there’s coordination cuz I’m wearing red and Ian’s wearing
blue so he’s got the blue ones and I’ve got the red ones but yeah these are our
three and a half inches in diameter they’re pretty light they’re like an
ounce I would say that yeah this is that’s that’s exactly right
I weighed it with a machine that weighs oh and never forgets until you press clear on it
and these are kind of medium sized they’re not like the real
big ones and they’re not tiny one and they’re actually super sharp yeah
and they come in a little nylon case but you could just put it on your belt pull
one out throw it you could actually you know what you could do is if you open
this up and if you held on to the package a little bit better I bet you
could get all three of them to fly out of the package I won’t risk it next up we have the kunai swords and I happen to have the blue one right here oh you’ll never guess what
mine’s called it’s called the red blade kunai sword I know I didn’t give you a
chance to guess we also have other colors but again coordination we should
have done opposite colors so I had all the red ones
no so tell us about these swords okay cool so it comes with to kunais oh it does
these are pretty decent looks I got a little wrap on handles I was like to
pretend like I’m using their weapons so I don’t hurt myself there have been
enough accidents that I really shouldn’t beat handling these at all here’s
something that happened to me I was riding my bike in a parking lot and I
got in an accident because I went too slowly on some sand and I couldn’t ride
my bike for months I was going one mile per hour so I feel you on that’s
something that what happened to you yeah yeah the swords weigh 12 ounces oh wait, ours are a little bit different – oh my – a single oh shoot we have another version
of these it’s called the kunai ninja sword this is the ninja sword because it
has a one edge on a straight blade and I think this is the kunai sword that’s the
kunai store because it’s a traditional sword with edges on both sides and we
have both of those so I know this counts as one weapon but really it’s four
different colors two different styles that’s eight I think mine’s cooler
looking than I think actually that one is more popular really that might just
you should think that this is even better because you’ve got twice the
blades twice the slicing yeah our boss was like okay we have to figure out why
the blue one is the most popular one and we haven’t figured it out yet
maybe you can tell us in the comments why that one’s the best one
you know these weapons are deadly but they could also be like a costume
accessory if you can trust yourself not to use it for real it’s got the little strap on there for… no you got to do it
over your whole you can get this over your chest if you have progeria so it goes
over just one shoulder this is a one shoulder oh okay hold on Because we’re talking about
how deadly these weapons are oh yeah I feel like we should kill someone what next weapons again, coordinated weapons I’ve got the
red with the tassels and Ian’s got the no tassel because he doesn’t have… [gasp] how
dare you! yeah we’ve talked about these ones with
the tassels before they’re a distraction but we haven’t talked about these ones
before and I actually hadn’t looked at them before today those are really beefy
they are super beefy and heavier than you’d normally see on throwing spikes oh
I don’t even know how much they weigh what tell us with your superpower I’m
gonna say 2 ounces 2 ounces I’m gonna get I’m just guessing he’s guessing but
we’re gonna hold you to it and find you legally liable if you’re wrong okay well
I guess contact my lawyer just like the kunai and the throwing stars you can
throw these you’re twice as likely yeah this one is you double your chances of
penetrating just in case you throw it backwards even though doubled your chances with these I like them beefy just in case
they hit sideways still getting hit with a heavy piece of metal so another thing
you can do is you can actually you’ve got a little the elastic yeah the
elastic straps let me see yours present your arm to me all right Should I be worried? Don’t worry about it! so all of our throwing spikes have the elastic straps on them so that you can
attach them to your arm for extra deadliness there you go and so this
works even if you have big beefy arms like I do and then just throw them like
you’re supposed to throw throw I’m like you’re supposed to excellent that’s
the least deadly way to throw them now those ones you got to be a little
careful because if you put on the little arm band be careful to not accidentally
poke your inner elbow what’s that call what’s the inside of
your elbow called? that’s what I would call it the inside
of your elbow? there’s not like a Latin term? no this one is it’s intended to
fold over this way Oh up next on our list of top 5 deadliest ninja weapons the ninja kusarigama I have one right here oh you sure do oh yeah so that’s a kama it’s a kama but what makes it a
kusarigama is the a sick chain oh! for swinging hey Ian can you choke me with
that right now? with your consent I certainly can
yeah yeah absolutely if you want to get a little farther away
from your potential victim pull out that chain start swinging it around we’re not going to do that because there’s drywall and
we’re not professionals yeah now these ones are you get them unsharpened but you can you can sharpen them yourself a lot of martial artists are inclined to
customize their weapon so some people put grips or decorations sharpen the
blades all that kind of stuff and these you can definitely do that with speaking of weapons that you can swing around that are deadly and you probably
need to train a little bit for it maybe talk to a professional there’s the Scorpion Chain Dart number five on our list of five oh geez so we’ve had
this on our website for a while we… are now cavalier was swinging apparently the chain is 60 inches long do you know how many feet that is? it’s… more than
four and less than six and if by more than four in less than six you meant five I did tell us about the black option normally I do this with an
untreated mild steel we’ve used a chemical process to turn this black it’s
not paint it forms a little coating on here it’s like gun bluing kind of this
does have a little bit of a shine to it so it’s definitely like a gunmetal black yeah and not a like a painted black yeah yeah and it’s an option but that nine
ounce dart is no joke it’s got a lightweight aluminum handle the striking
end and the hand will actually weigh about the same the aluminum and then is
steel so they’re real similar they feel real similar I haven’t weighed them but
I’m getting a tingle it says these are very similar I got a tingle when you
choked me that’s all of the deadly weapons we wanted to tell you about today so thanks for watching be sure to LIKE comment subscribe the stuff know you all the stuff follow and you know what
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  1. I might get those chained kamas and darts, them shurikens I'm getting for cosmetics. For now I'm geting that sword with compass because i already have the destroyer blade you guys discontinued.

    And for everyone else here's what the guys mentioned at the end of the video

  2. the blade Ian is holding I actually still have that sword and love it haven't had to use it yet thankfully there has been no break-ins in my house so I don't have to use it to defend myself yet you guys rock

  3. I love your vids I liked this vid I love your website I also really want the Collapsible Bo Staff that’s one of the coolest no staff I ever seen

  4. Everything but the bo shurken and the kusari gama oh and the scorpion thing feel like mail ninja junk the mailing list real Is worth it 1 out of ever 10 emails

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