Origins of the martial art of love : the Cuddle-Jitsu

When asked why I developped my own martial
art, I answer that you have to know your ennemy. If they’re weaker than you, no problem, you
can use brute force… you know… but if they are stronger ? THAT is when you have
the need for martial art. And honnestly, my ennemy was much stronger. So I went… where ? I don’t know, at the
end of the world maybe. On the lost track of a hidden temple surrounded with jungle,
full of mosquitos, spiders, and maybe even a snake.
No kidding, I was really far away, from the airport…
and it felt so strange that maybe, maybe, there was no even internet connexion there. Trully I was looking for a master, someone
to teach me the ancient ways of fighting, and among them, to find the appropriate one
to defeat the foe. But the lost temple was empty. So… it would
be fine to name it “The empty temple” but honnestly “the lost temple sounds so much
better”. Anyway I waited.
There is a chinese proverb that says : (google translate) “The master comes when the student
is ready”. So I waited again. And as time passed, I started perceiving a
light on the horizon line of my thoughts, this light would turn brighter and brighter,
only disturbed by a whatsapp chat from time to time (because there was connexion in the
end) and this light, friends, was an idea : the
idea that I could be my OWN master. That’s the turning point of a life time, when
you feel mature enough to take control over your destiny.
I must admit maturity had never been my strong point, until that moment, where I felt myself
empowered to create my own martial art : “the Cuddle-Jitsu” that you all know of if
you’ve seen my previous video. and that’s it, i was ready to fight the biggest
evil of our time With the greatest power of all times… LOVE…

6 thoughts on “Origins of the martial art of love : the Cuddle-Jitsu

  1. Jay ! I want you to be my master! Please !
    Were is your lost temple?
    And if it's lost…how can I find it? Do you have any map? Or did you lost it?
    Thank you…… ⛩Sifu ⛩

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