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  1. your chanel is amazing. im a qualified Dispensing Optician an i must say i watched almost all your vids. im from cape town!

  2. Comments about boxing system: you cannot always read the A and B directly from the frame! For example, for a slanted oval, the A and B must be read from the boundaries of the box. Because the oval is slanted, there is no place to measure. You must construct the box, and then measure the box. That is the whole principle of the "boxing system"

    You also comment where the "edge" of the lens is. For a lens fitted in a grooved frame (usually most plastic and full-rim metal frames), the box is tangent to the flat part of the lens edge, not counting the protruding part. For grooved lenses (in half-frames using nylon cord), the boundary of the lens is the flat edge, not the groove.

    Please comment on the details of this! Do frame tracers trace the groove or the flat surface outside the groove? Another measurement is lens circumference. Is that measured over the protruding groove, or over the flat part of the lens edge?

  3. Thank you so much, I wish I could watch this when I was a student, your way of explanation is very fun and easy.

  4. it's hard to find a good teaching video for this. which I'm really grateful to found your channel. please keep inspring people. please keep give us students a good information so we can improve for future. thanks

  5. Hi John,

    I have a question. (Disclaimer: I'm not an optician, just someone trying to get a decent pair of glasses for my Dad.)

    I was doing some searching and reading about UV400, and an article on the Laramy-K website named "The Problem with UV400 Treatments" came up on Google. That article was written in 2010, which was a long time ago. Do you know if it's still the case that the UV400 treatments used on most lenses lose their effectiveness fairly quickly, or if things have changed for the better since​ then?

    I know you didn't write that particular article, but I wondered if you or anyone at your lab could shed some light on this topic. Many thanks if you can answer.

  6. thank you so much!!!!! I'm studying for my ABO and you make it super easy to understand it!!! more over study books!! lol thank you so much!!

  7. Love your videos. I am an Eye Care Specialist student and when I don't understand something we went over in class, I watch your videos and it all makes sense.

  8. John, I am so happy to find you! I watch you for hours at a time! I have been in the business for years in a few small offices, with out coworkers to bounce info around. I am now with a large company cross training in the lab. You have helped tie all that I have learned hands on , study in trade mags, and now with coworkers. Thankyou !

  9. wow thank you so much!!! this, i just started my optician course last week online and was feeling very discouraged and lost until i decided to look up the boxing system on youtube. im so glad i found this channel your way of explaining is soooo helpful. your channel will be my go to for the next 2 years! thank you so much

  10. I do not know English well, but I would ask.. in the frames  "PERSOL", The first number (for example 53[]17), . the number 53 is… "the horizontal width between the two vertical lines tangential to the edges of a lens" + " the depth of the "BEVEL" when measuring the frame"? Or just the horizontal width between the two vertical lines tangential to the edges of the lens? Thanks

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