One-on-One: Sergey Kovalev (HBO Boxing News)

Kieran Mulvaney
forHBO Boxing.I’m here with light heavyweight
champ, Sergey “Krusher” Kovalev. And Sergey, last time we saw you
in November,before you fought Shabranskyy,it had been almost two years
since you had a knockout win.
Were you a little nervous
going into the ring thinking…
“I don’t just need to beat him,
I have to crush him,
I have to knock him out?”SERGEY KOVALEV:Yeah sure,
a little bit nervous, you know,
because, uh… just mentally,
you know, was uh, difficult, uh,
get inside the ring
after two losses, uh, crazy losses, you know,
like just, uh… Uh, it was like little, uh… uncomfortable for myself.Uh, inside me, you know,
and just uh, how I should–
and I should to prove
that I’m really…
deserve to– to be champion.And– yes, a little nervous.But when I like, I got a title,
I prove my…
name, Krusher, I felt that
I prove, uh, every fight
that I’m real champion.There’s a fellow Russian
in the other corner
on Saturday, Igor Mikhalkin. What do you know about him?
You knew him a little bit in the amateurs,
is that correct? Yeah, we went, uh,
the same national team when it was uh, like, juniors. I mean like, 16, 17,
18 years old.And I know he–
he has, uh, same mentally,
you know, and uh, I think so,
he will give a good fight,
you know, like, because like,
he has a…
He’s– he’s the man,
real man.
Hm. He’s a–
also a very good boxer, and a– and a southpaw. What kind of a fight
are you expecting? A difficult fight on Saturday? I think so, will be not easy,
because, uh…he’s a south–
southpaw and…
he’s like a counterattack…-MULVANEY:Mm-hmm.
-…fighter, you know, like…
I cannot like, uh… make any d– any prediction,
you know, like just, uh… I’m waiting, uh, March 3rd
and, uh… I should be ready
for everything.

20 thoughts on “One-on-One: Sergey Kovalev (HBO Boxing News)

  1. Hope Mikhalkin doesnt get that hurt in this fight. Kovalev got lowballed by American homecooking sadly and it destroyed him mentally

  2. Kovalev is the real deal. Ward is just astronomical. Kovelev did well in both fights against ward. His 2nd half in the first fight let him down and his mentality as a dog wasnt as high as wards in the second. Lets be honest and not fanboys, the body shots broke him down. A career focused version of kovalev would have beaten Ward in the first fight convincingly, but it wasnt meant to be. The man consumes alcohol between camps

  3. 0:53 holy shit. Even a partially landed jab from Kovalev, when you don't see it coming and are already hurt, will apparently dislocate your head from your shoulders. Wow.

  4. Blacks acting like they owned boxing in the comment section lol
    Wladimir Klitschiko ruled the hw division for 10 years in a modern day era on his second title reign!
    His elder Brother also ruled the hw division on his comeback 10 years ago Ruslan Chagaev, Alexander Povetkin and Nikolai Valuev also ruled the hw division in the late 00''s – early to mid 2010's Evander Holyfield lost to Imbragimov and Valuev because he cant handle the soviet heavyweight era!
    and if blacks are superior then why all the blacks lost in the world series tournament?
    Rob brant got schooled by a washed up Jurghen Brahmer
    Alex Perez got Schooled by Mairis Breidis
    Yunier Dorticos got Knockedout by Murat Gassiev
    and Chris Eubank Jr got humiliated by Goerge Groves
    and you blacks act like you run boxing?
    did you know Joe Calzaghe and Sven Ottke are the longest running smw champions and did you know that Daruisz Michalzewski was the longest lhw champion? all whites!

  5. The man still whooped Wards without training and drinking Vodka everynight(according to Andre Ward, Virgil Hunter, and his coach Jackson)

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