100 thoughts on “One of Boxing’s Greatest Rounds: Holyfield vs. Bowe I, Round 10

  1. some people say deontay (sounds like a bitches name) would knock tyson. hell ,if he'd be thrown in that era man he would loose to any of top 20 fighters,any

  2. Two absolute monsters in the ring, what a round. I would shit on myself if I had to face either of these two.

  3. And people think that Lewis would have beaten Bowe at this time. lol

    Holyfield would have beaten him, too.

  4. The infamous quote from Coach Rudy Tom of the Houston Rockets: " Never underestimate the heart of a champion ! "

  5. Bowe Was such a good fighter. It's a shame he didn't fought more great fighters like Evander Holyfield. He could have fought Tyson, Lewis , Foreman , Morrison … And maybe he could have beaten ALL of them… But he didn't fought more great fighters . He could had a better name in boxing history than he hás now

  6. What was special about it? Nothing happened for half it. There was more entertainment after the bell than there was for the 3 minutes

  7. Look at Holyfield in this fight compared to when he fights Tyson Holyfield was on the juice big time.

  8. i hate how if this happened today the ref would jump in and end the fight immediately. refs are far too cautious these days


  10. Bo could have been one of the greats but his team was a bunch fricking loser's. Had he had a better trainer and manager he definitely could have been one of the best of that era.

  11. Heavyweights nowadays can't and won't fight like these warriors did in the 90s! They are too boring!

  12. Hollyfield has the heart of a Lion and the chin made of Titanium, one of the Best Ever to steep in the ring!

  13. This is equal with rumble in the jungle.
    What can you say about Bowe, except he retired too early and was another man that would've crushed Tyson and probably Lewis.

    And everything that could ever be said about Evander has already been said.
    One of the top 5 HW's of all time period!

  14. Holyfield bumped into me as I was heading to see a movie, I apologised but Holyfield snapped "I can take you punk". I replied "do it then" so Holyfield and I went to see 'Home Alone 2'. A true story, as a foot note, Evander doesn't like popcorn.

  15. Real deal will always be champ and a great legendary warrior!! He never ducked anybody took on all challenges. Unlike these soft ass fighters today.

  16. Holyfield, I regard him one ☝️ of my favorite boxer and great boxer of all time..The beast Warrior. 4 time heavy wright champion.

  17. The shit boxing nerds say is funny as hell. All the scenarios that can never take place lol well how bout when I was in my prime I would've beat them ALL! Put any punk ass boxer in a cage and they get the fuck beat out of them. Look just like little girls… That's what boxers and boxing fans are lol

  18. Foreman's ringside commentary was so one sided in favour of Bowe. I got the impression that he took issue with everything Holyfield did regardless of how good it was

  19. at .37 Gworge foreman says Holyfield is going to stay on his feet. of course right before the round he called a knockout but then changed his mind

  20. Holyfield was ridiculous. It's impossible that he was still standing after that bludgeoning, he did it repeatedly in his career. Bowe won two out of three because of his size, but pound for pound Holyfield was a far superior fighter.

  21. Imagine there are idiots thinking Tyson would have had any chance against Holy if he met him earlier,Tyson was lucky he didnt meet him earlier because then hes been over.
    en he had been finnished already then.

  22. bowe was just too big for a pumped up cruiser …a real heavyweight V crusier ….holyfield hit him with everything but kitchen sink ,bowe still didnt go down

  23. your heart never ranked from the damages done to your face only the win n outside of the ring it's considered assault n battery etc especially if u kill the one who fucked up your face it's considered more fuck shit from self defense that results in lawsuits for mental anguish etc I can take a hit in football but hate getting hit but war fighting etc to be the last one standing with u dead no damages done to your face but more damages done on mine I'll take the w regardless like brady

  24. It was such a privilege to watch these fights live as they happened. I miss when boxing was a premiere event! A spectacle. But you need the warriors to make the event matter. And for all of his bluster, George Foreman was spot on in his assessments. Bowe really should've put Holyfield away. And Foreman saw before anyone that Holyfield wasn't going to go down. Just an incredible three minutes.

  25. My God the announcers have so much Holyfield Dick down thier throats (not foreman, he’s actually unbiased) . Even when he’s getting his ass kicked, it’s What a warrior, what heart, fuck off!, he comes back throwing, ya, he threw 1 punch and got in the clinch.

  26. And of course fucking dirty Holyfield is punching after the bell, for the what? 50th time? That and head butts, what a courageous fighter, give me a fn break.

  27. 07/06/2019. I was 1 when this fight happened. I remember my dad telling me about it when I was a little boy. He said that round 10 was one of the best rounds of boxing you will ever see, he was not wrong. Just look at them both!

  28. Wow, it looked like Holyfield got hit with a sledgehammer at the beginning
    That man is a machine, tremendous heart, true champion

  29. The tap of respect at the end. If you look closely both fighters did it. You can barely see Holyfield tap put of sight of the camera.

  30. 0:30 "the champion struggles to stay on his feet"
    George foreman "hes gonna stay on his feet"
    He knew how hard it was to knock out holyfield

  31. Evander really is the Real Deal and fought wars in the ring one of the greats of all time , and he destroyed Tyson twice.

  32. Whenever I’m feeling down or need a boost, I watch this for motivation. This is real heavyweight boxing right here.

  33. Holyfield chin of granite and heart of a lion, if he was the size of say foreman, he would of been the greatest ever

  34. Now these WARRIORS are best of friends and give each other hell and laugh about it..God bless these great boxers and most importantly great Champions

  35. How the HELL did Holyfield stay up?!?

    The first upper cut (he looks like Tyson did against Douglas) happens at 0:25 in the video and goes on for 30 seconds!!!!

    Evander took BOMBS for 30 seconds straight from a world class heavyweight and came back swinging.


  36. Every single person typing a comment about this fight would have been knocked out after that bowe uppercut from hell. Holy field was a warrior

  37. He was a bum and a bum he didn’t want to fight Tyson like this he wanted to give hugs and use his head as a fist he is never more then a bum

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