On a scale 1 to 10 how patient is your child

All right. On a scale from 1 to 10, how
patient would you say your child is? You ready to improve that score? We
are! Hey there, powerful families, Christian Arias here to share the news
about what we’re dedicating this month to and the problem that we’re attacking
is patience. Being patient is not easy, and usually when we want something we
want it right away and we don’t want to have to wait for it. But it often takes time to get what we
want or what we need and patience helps us wait for our turn or for the
right time, whether it’s at school, at the store or here in class. Someone once said that patience is like
being in a rocket ship and counting down but not blasting off. So
what do you think that means? What would we do instead of blasting off? Patiencebmeans waiting without
complaining for something we want or need. This week as a part of our
powerful words program, we are discussing what patience means
and the different ways that we can show patience in various situations, and I hope that you’re as
pumped about this as we are. It’s going to be great. Your powerful family challenge this week
is to go out of your way and look for, find and point out as many instances of
your child being as patient as they can be. So you gotta be a detective
and catch your kids being patient. This will prove to be another great
opportunity to spotlight the positive character that they’re
developing. All right, let’s go out and make this week
amazing. Have a great week, we’ll talk again soon!

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