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Hello everyone this is Keith and welcome to
Senpai Keith’s Karate Vlog in today’s episode I will be sharing with you a video of a fellow Karateka whos been doing karate for a very long time His name is sensei Hideki Miyazaki and he’s a member of the PKL technical council and shitokai, JKF Shitokai Philippines He is 72 years old. In this video you will see him do a kata and what’s amazing with this video is despite of his age he is really old but he is still doing it and still loving karate and that is quite an inspiration now i’m starting to imagine myself at the same age still doing those jumping katas. no no no, I dont think so. Before the video I’ll leave you a question with, How old is the oldest person that you’ve seen do a kata personally So… without further ado, here is the video. yes that’s it as you see age doesn’t matter in Karate and that’s the only physical sports I know that even if your’e older than 70 years old and you can still do it, and you can still love it, and you can still learn about it everyday and… I hope we learned something about that. and one more thing i ask him one advice and this is what
they said so that it guys. As you see, 1 move is very important that’s what he said and uh… thank you for watching I hope we can see each other again next week and don’t forget to subscribe so you can be updated on my weekly videos about karate that I think is worth sharing See you again next week and that’s it for today. Bye. Come join us This is very delicious Look at how I eat it. Hmmm. I’m doing something…

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  1. He is a shihan now…were glad to have him as our sensei. We hope and pray for his health…were recent student he had a DOJO at Barangay Palatiw, Pasig. Everybody is welcome to join…

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