Oki Up Close – Kadena ITT Karate Tour

(laughter) (lightning crack) (epic music) – The main purpose of this
particular tour is just to showcase and highlight the
importance of Okinawa Karate. Because it’s practiced world-wide. Over millions of people practice it. It was born here, in Okinawa. Karate is not only for
self-defense practice, but it’s also for self-discipline. (dramatic drum beats) Why I like it’s because it’s something to showcase to people. A bridge between Okinawan, Japanese, and American relationships. Plus, the fact that… To also make people understand that it’s not just physical, it’s mental. (Japanese drums) And, basically, it tells about an incident with the
Samurai, it also tells about that he helped the people of Kumate. He was a well-liked hero, a legend, in the Kumate area during the 1800s in that time when he was alive. (Japanese drums) I talked to a very old
doctor who’s got pictures of Nagaminu Shojun Sensei
practicing kata right here in front of this. That attributes to this place
was used by somebody famous and the only people
that we can think of is Matsuma Kosa Sensei. (Japanese drums) – So we’re here, finally
at our destination. We’re here at the Okinawa Karate Kaikan, and we’re gonna learn some defense moves. Let’s go!
– Some self defense moves. – Yeah. – Yeah. – What did… – [Melissa] Let’s go! (contemplative music) (Japanese drums) – So that was a really
fun day that we just had, we learned a lot of history about karate, and it started in Okinawa, and this is actually a special tour through Kadena ITT, so you’re
gonna wanna stop by over there or give them a call for more details. – And remember: get out, explore, and see Oki up close.
– And see Oki up close. (Japanese drums)

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