… and the outcome was fantastic, he’s
very proud. Once again, ladies and gentlemen, please put
your hands together before our official presentations for the new World Karate Challenge champion,
Roman Nesterenko. Roman speaking Russian
He’s very proud and grateful to compete in such a lovely country. He’d like to thank
the whole crowd and everybody who’s here to support him and it was a fantastic outcome,
so he’d like to thank everybody here. Thank you very much.
Thank you to everybody. Well done, Roman Nesterenko, congratulations
to everyone involved, Mark Murphy, thanks for what you’ve done.
Thanks a lot Tappy and we’ll be back again next year.
Pete Graham, terrific to work with you. Awesome guys, what a great time, awesome fight
by Roman. Thanks for watching on Fuel right around Australia,
we look forward to your company when we do it all again in 2012, the World Karate Challenge.
On Fuel, you’ve been watching the Full Contact Karate World Challenge, proudly brought to
you by Action Scaffolding, the CFMEU and Dream Team Management.

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