Official Cobra Kai Teaser Trailer – The Karate Kid saga continues

(dramatic music) – [Johnny] Fighting positions! Hi-yah! – [Daniel] I just
don’t know why you’d ever wanna bring back Cobra Kai. – [Johnny] We do not
train to be merciful here. Mercy is for the weak. – [Daniel] He may
know the moves, but none of that matters
unless you have balance. – [Johnny] Are you ready to
learn the way of the fist? – [Students] Yes Sensei! – Johnny, you and I,
this, we aren’t done. (dramatic music)

100 thoughts on “Official Cobra Kai Teaser Trailer – The Karate Kid saga continues

  1. Black bandanna was a red rising sun in the original. I even have photo's from when I was a kid showing this. What are you trying to pull?

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  3. Found this on twitter: It’s Cobra Kai day! Go to YouTube at 1 p.m. EST / 10 a.m. PST, type “Cobra Kai” and start binging!

  4. I thought it premiered today? I have YouTube Red and I can’t find it anywhere? I need to work on my patience and wait I guess.🤷‍♂️

  5. Great another remake. No one in Hollywood has a brain to make a movie that is even remotely original.

  6. pause the video. put your arrow on the line that lets you choose the part of the video. Get your arrow as far away from the big dot as possible without getting of the line. Watch a mini cobra Kai. You're welcome.

  7. This show is the only reason I got YouTube Red. I absolutely love this!! I hope to god this has a season two!!

  8. This was amazing, I am so used to being able to predict what happens next in movies and TV shows but this show has no cliches.

    10/10 would recommend.

  9. I downloaded it from Demonoid, it wasn't too bad. A bit of soap opera thrown in, but a watchable series.

  10. This was so amazing!! Completely awesome!!!! but why didn’t sam and miguel make up!! dang that really was tough to end on that note, but that show was awesome 😎

  11. If you're going to bring back Ali as the love interest in season 2, the best twist would to bring on Claudia Wells who was Marty's love interest in Back to the Future and was replaced by Elisabeth Shue. I always had a hard time with suspension of disbelief watching Johnny and Daniel fighting over her in the original movie. Oh, and find a part for Eliza Dushku, she's hot ha ha.

  12. Ok I’m subscribed to YouTube red …. why can’t I watch the full movie only trailers?? Also it’s says I can’t watch some as its age restricted when I’m over 40 grrr

  13. In season 2 Jonhy and Daniel will unite their powers against Barnes and the evil John Kreese!!! This would be the best plot!!! Do you agree??

  14. This show is great for explaining why bullies are the way they are. Our society needs a kick in the gonades to wake up. Miscommunication, misunderstanding is the problem. Great job on offering this perspective!

  15. I just binge-watched all ten episodes. The storyline is excellent and I liked the flashbacks to the original. Well done…bring on season 2!

  16. Just watched the first season.
    Was entertaining but lame as expected.
    What really annoys me though is how show like this completely misrepresent martial arts.


    The 2 stars train for 1 year and then go into a karate competition wearing black belts. This is so insulting to anyone who has actually earned a real black belt. You cannot bet good enough in 12 months to be even a quarter of the way to black belt. 5 years minimum. 10 years in some arts.

  17. America's portraying of kunfu and karate is cringy asf. Especially Jaden Smith, skinny dude with poor acting in fighting it was hard to watch his hand movements and choreography

  18. Thank you youtube for this series. I love the nostalgia and modern take on this and in a series no less. Well done

  19. guys everyone cobra kai(Miguel) to win. Actually in season 1 what miguel did in last wasn't fair still its not fair the miyagi team gonna win again. atleat the sensei should get a chance to make their team better this time. yeah miguel should get a small lesson for what he did. sam and miguel, they are good. please make it interesting.

  20. This looks amazing. Long live Cobra Kai on YouTube. Let’s see Bobby, Tommy, Dutch, Jimmy, Ali with an I, Terry Silver, Mike Barnes, Soto, and most of all bring back Freddy Fernadaz

  21. Loved it! Binge watched entire first season. Thanks for bringing this back. Loved the idea and the fact that original characters are in it as well. William Zabka (Johny) was hilarious. Excited about season 2. Keep it coming.

  22. Hello! My name is Ilya and I would like to distribute your series for free in our country "Russia" we have already translated the Series, but we need copyright for its publication. I ask you to give us these rights. In return, we will always indicate the author, all your social networks and so on.

  23. I already need season 3, i need to know what happened to Miguel and see how will develop the relashionship between Miguel and Johnny AND Johnny with Robbie

  24. I can't wait till season 3 binge watched season 1,2 got a wait 1 year for season 3, damn, don't know if I can!!!

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