OFF GRID 永遠に (Fight Scene) [4K] OFFICIAL | Klem Kaan – Short Film  (2019)

Thank you for coming. Because I can not promise if I will ever come back. So you have my blessings! You can find your self a new man, have sex, children… Wow, wait a sec… Are you high? Do you have anything else to say before I go? I am fine with my own life… My parents are healthy and… Yes, yes I got it before. You are comfortable. But I have thins feeling that you will also get it. Some day… Anyway, my plane is about to leave so I want to say goodbye and… You mother fu… Dude, I can see you want to die. I am not paranoid. I am being followed. Hello? You cant borrow me few bucks because your cheating wife said so? Dude, screw you. 15 years of friendship, wasted.. There you are, punk! Men are like women, women like men… What is going on? Dude, dont deny, he started first! Dude, I can see you still have some sense in you. Otherwise you would not be reading that book. Everything turns well eventually. Say that to the child victims of Epstein. I was once reminded by a wise man who said… “What is the meaning to read principle mantras and prayers, if you dont live by them? And, that sound does not mean well for both of us, so, I will go now. Bye. Hmph. What the hell does he mean anyway? Hi. There is some delay with data trans… At ease… At ease… I just came to thank you on the behalf of my late father, and Hasani Corporation for your dedication, and passion to be part of our 50 years of success. Thank you, for the third time? Heh, yes, for the third time… I also want to add that I have being speculating with the head of department to raise you to “higher frequencies”. But… I will let you work now. Have a nice days end. We have a case who knows too much. So send Billy right away. The man has a hacker back ground. I want to make sure he has not taken any notes. So, do not kill him. For the love of god. Am I imagining things? Over there. You do not seem to be like the rest. Little sleeping sheeps who I hate. Many are chosen but few choose to answer their own call. To graduate life and never look back to the familiar. To help others awaken while still appearing to walk in this world. And of course, have fun at the same time. As long one remains vigilant to stay righteous. What the hell are you reading anyway? Are you serious? Too many are walking towards their grave not knowing their purpose. Thus nothing makes me happier but to be part of ones Ascension. Where one discovers his divinity, and shares his light to uplift others. What is my purpose coming back to this country?

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