O Leque no Kung-Fu – The Kung-fu Fan

hello everyone the fan is a traditional Kung Fu weapon
used to hit and also to cut the fan is an improvised weapon
that at the same time allows you to diffuse as an instrument of daily use while carrying sharp blades at the ends
which allows you to make the cutting movements today I’m going to teach you how to open the fan this opening movement it is normally followed by a hit where you make the opening movement, followed by the closing movement and hit again well, and how is this opening made?
it needs to be done suddenly because you are using an improvised weapon
the idea is that you hit and suddenly you open it to cut So how do you do this cut?
you need to imagine your intention at the tip of the fan as if it were an extension of his body
(like every weapon you use) I will make a slight sudden movement with my hand to allow the fan to open and the fan will open in my hand this way my little finger should touch this part and my thumb that other part so the fan will open on the palm of my hand until its end by the time I finish its opening
I suddenly grab it I lock the fan with my little finger
so I’ll make a slight opening and in the end I will have to lock
because if I don’t lock the fan it will end up coming back and the cut will not be successful
so when I’m positioned at this angle, for example I make a downward move and hold the fan in this part if I stand in front of my opponent
I’ll usually point the fan in the direction of its neck like this the intention is for you to make an explosive move
so you will have to use your whole body for that purpose this is what makes this sound occurs
this sound is a sort of fan explosion the fan is shifting the air the fan will be used for cutting, locking and cutting movement and cutting so now you already know how to open the fan suddenly

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