NUNCHAKU – My Documentary TV Series – Maxie D. Collier

I Was probably just? Six or seven years old the first time that Uncle Danny, put those nunchakul in my hands. He had just returned from the korean war a country, boy serving on the frontline. When Uncle Danny died, so tragically, at a young age i started making my own nunchaku. Breaking off a broomstick, taking a piece of rope, string, anything just so I could twirl. When I was 15 years I meet Sensi Grandmaster Ali Hassan. He, was the one who taught me to plant my feet and draw energy up my legs Across, my shoulders down to the fingertips and the nunchaku. Now, at 50, I see that it is more important than ever to train, to practice, to teach This is my nunchaku reflection So now, I’m going to go out and find other practitioners of this ancient art, and help them share their stories their reflections and their techniques.

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  1. I found a set of Dolan model 120s at a fleamarket in Louisville the other day. $7 they are nice too. You'd love them! Good upload!

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