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bjbjqPqP Hi, Sifu Carlton here. I have recently
started filming and releasing my Nunchaku Basic Series. I’ve gotten some really awesome
feedback and some great comments from all of you. Thank you. I really appreciate it.
I’ve also gotten some really good questions. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to start
a in-depth series. In the in-depth series, I’m going to dive a lot deeper into some of
the things I cover in the basic series, and I’m going to be basing this mostly on your
questions. So if you have questions, send them my way and leave a comment. Send me a
private message. If you want to know anything about the chucks or anything about martial
arts in general, please send me a question, and I’ll be happy to answer it the best I
can. If I don’t have an answer, I will find somebody that does have an answer and either
relay it to you or hopefully get them in front of the camera. So send me your questions.
Let’s see where it goes. I think we’re all going to have a lot of fun. hAIx Hi, Steve
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