Nunchaku Eğitimi 1.Ders l Batuhan Kağanoğlu

Hello friends In the previous video, we described Nunchaku’s definition, history and genres. We will start training now Advantages and disadvantages of Nunchaku the first advantage No matter how you hold Nunchakuyu If I have an opponent He can’t imagine how I hit him. For example, I held it like this I can hit my opponent from above I’il shoot you down if I want i can hit from the side I can pretend to hit from above and hit from below He can’t defend himself because he can’t imagine that second advantage For example, compare with a knife If my opponent gets the knife during the fight, he can use it against me. But Nunchakuyu can’t use it against me. Yes you can shake Nunchakuyu against us But Nunchaku shake is not enough If he fails to reach the target, he may harm himself Because after hitting Nunchaku bounces back Nunchaku can bounce back if the speed is not set correctly This time he’il hurt himself again So this is an advantage for us The downside is If we lose control, we can hurt ourselves. When I start learning I was sore all over Nunchaku. second disadvantage is Nunchaku is too big because it is very difficult to carry with us So how do we learn Nunchakuyu the most beautiful? First we learn a movement Then we learn another movement We’re finally combining the two Then we increase the combinations Combinations will already occur after a certain location The first mistake everyone makes is to keep Nunchakuyu from here We never keep Nunchakuyu like this. Because we can’t balance this way. Nunchaku can go anywhere you don’t want We keep the nunchakuyu about this way. We should get used to keeping Nunchakuyu here. So how? We start with basic movements Swing straight over the shoulder We kept We’re making this movement slowly. If we learned to keep it right We learned this movement Then we practice this hand We shake and hold Both hands got used to the movement We have already made 1 movement Friends getting started I leave my hand above I’m holding the cross with my right hand I took it from the cross and held it with my right hand We’re making this move slowly. We will accelerate this movement later We learned this movement. Let’s move on We keep it that way Slowly from outside to inside You can try 2 rounds to make it easy We’il take a few laps and catch it. From outside to inside And try to hold the Nunchakuyu in the right place In this way Now let’s combine two movements 1-2-3-4 1-2-3-4 1-2-3-4 Faster Excuse me, it was a habit: D Yes friends we finished the first lesson Why did we do such training? Because there are not many training videos Youtube videos are also usually for show purposes This is how we continue our classes Subscribe to our channel 🙂 You will support pretty new videos will also come Where can we get Nunchakuyu? When I first started, I started by cutting the broom in two and tying a rope between Then I bought a sponge Nunchaku from the website The last time I bought a wooden Nunchaku So I’ve got 3 kinds of Nunchaku right now. You can start with them as you get started

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  1. Aliexpress'ten sipariş verdim ama gelmeyince Eminönü'nde bir dükkandan sipariş edip nunchakumu aldım. Sizin derslerinizle eğitime başlıyorum. 👍 sağolun videolar için.

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