Nukite – Bruchtest

NUKITE – BREAKTEST DEMONSTRATION Nukite – A very nice karate technique also called yohon or gohon Nukite Usually hit with those three fingers the middle finger is a bit longer that’s why you need to bend it so that you have a nice compact surface to hit It is practiced in the kata and already starts with Heian nidan In combination with Te osae uke the Nukite is made on it but in other kata it often happens too In the application the Nukite is used with pleasure for the solar plexus and attacks on the neck To demonstrate the effectiveness of Nukite you can take a board and you can see how strong the technique can be See you next time

4 thoughts on “Nukite – Bruchtest

  1. Nukite is great to get arms behind my opponent, past opponents guard, then i can grab around him and throw. Nukite as a strike is a stupid way to break ones fingers, no matter how much conditioning you do. Finger bones vs other bones is unfair competition.

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