Noel – A Cuban Boxing Story 4k 360 VR (Subs)

My name is Noel Hernández,
I live in Cuba and I’m 27 years old. I’ve been boxing since I was
very young, I was 8 years old. When I started, there was
excitement in my block.. All the boys loved it and
I liked it more and more. I kept on boxing
until this day. I started training here at this
gym, Rafael Trejo. I moved up, became a strong fighter
and made it into the national team. In the ring.. ..a boxer, at least I,
feel at home, you know? Boxing is the best there is. It’s what I know best,
and I feel comfortable. I face strong opponents,
difficult ones you know? I have many emotions before a fight. But as the rounds go by,
I start to feel more comfortable. To be a great boxer
takes sacrifice. To start early morning,
being guided by the coach.. meeting the requirements
and studying. He says: ‘if you don’t practice
hard you can’t compete’. Sacrifice and willpower is what’s
needed to become a great boxer. I motivate myself by
setting very high goals. I then work hard and train and train,
untill I reach those goals. My ambition is to be an
Olympic champion.. to represent my country on
the top of that podium.

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