No mercy for Miguel – Cobra Kai

All right, you ready
to begin your training? Yes, sensei. What the–
( groans ) ( energetic music ) What is the problem, Mr. Diaz? I have asthma, so… Not anymore. ( grunts )Johnny:
When you’re in a fight,
your first instinct is
to use your hands, right?You gotta unlearn that
and think with your legs.
Uh, how do I think
with my legs? ( dramatic music ) ♪ ♪

100 thoughts on “No mercy for Miguel – Cobra Kai

  1. When he is being trained in karate in high school but the instructor is teaching it like a special forces combat course.

  2. Is there enough preteens with terrible taste to made YouTube red profitable? Give me an Idubbbz or an h3h3 show and maybe… but this trash… it's sad.

  3. IMO, I think the story line is about Johnny seeking redemption while Daniel is needing balance, but doesn't know it yet.

  4. Why is Johnny Lawrence giving me the vibe that he's like a drill sergeant? Could Johnny be a war veteran by now like Krease?

  5. What kind of guy tie your legs and push you off into the swimming pool oh wait the bad guy, screw all of you who think Daniel the bad guy.

  6. Miyagi puts emphasis on patience until it all comes together. Johnny teaches by forcing one to learn in the moment and figure the problems out and solve them on the fly. Both have their merits.

  7. Miguel is awesome, but you need a scene where he gets literally hit in the nuts a few times cause he got cocky at the end of the series.

  8. You'll build strength. You'll learn discipline, and when the time is right. You'll strike back.

  9. So American Media Never Changes!
    Hispanic Men – Are Always The Bad Guys
    Hispanic Men – Are Never Hero's
    The American Media never wanna let Hispanic Men be with Beautiful White Women

  10. cant wait to see the original sensei turn Miguel into the dark side with hawk thats bad news for Sam and Robbie Johnny turn Miguel into a monster that wont be able control it and you want able to stop it then Johnny turn to Daniel for help

  11. I wanna see a real doctor do that. Kid- I have asthma. Doctor-*brakes inhaler on wall*not anymore. You've been cured.

  12. Wow I am surprised a male Latino is one of the main characters. And not a stereotypical one that racist Hollywood tends to use in its movies. As being a gangbanger, or someone fresh from south of the border. 😳

  13. Miguel is my favourite character, he is the most humble and honest. Whereas Robby just comes across as ungrateful and selfish. Cobra Kai are the heroes this time

  14. I watched all episodes season 2 in one day and I understood that it doesn't matter good teacher or a bad teacher all that counts is how student learns the things from his teacher

  15. Hello! My name is Ilya and I would like to distribute your series for free in our country "Russia" we have already translated the Series, but we need copyright for its publication. I ask you to give us these rights. In return, we will always indicate the author, all your social networks and so on.

  16. Es una lastima que lo den solo por YouTube cuando somos muchos los que queremos ver esta serie… Saludos desde Argentina 🇦🇷

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