News Strike – MCMAP Trials Part 4: Achievement

Reporter: Sixteen hours after a culminating
event, bathed in orange light and battling exhaustion, these Air Station Marines must
draw from an entire month of preparation to test out for their new MCMAP belt. With over
a hundred unique techniques separated into the five belt levels, the challenge lies in
remembering both the type of move, each variation, and the corresponding name. Lance corporal
Brian Vennell is testing for the third MCMAP level, green belt.
SB: LCpl Brian Vennell, Testing For Green Belt:
“The way I go through techniques is I usually watch other people do it before I do it myself,
so I can get a feel for it. So I learn from the mistakes and the corrections, and then
I put it all together myself.” [NAT SOUND POP]
SB: LCpl Brian Vennell, Testing For Green Belt:
“You don’t have to memorize the whole technique name, just bits and pieces of it.
Eventually those bits and pieces will click, and you match those bits and pieces to moves
within the technique. Doing this for weeks and weeks straight, just going and going and
going.” [NAT SOUND POP]
SB: LCpl Brian Vennell, Testing For Green Belt:
“It’s just the best thing for you, just keeping doing it. Repitition, repitition,
repitition.” Reporter:
Lance corporal Privette is testing for the fourth MCMAP level, brown belt.
SB: LCpl Linnea Privette, Testing For Brown Belt:
“Movements that change, they tweek just a little bit. And the more you’ll focus
on one movement that you think you got perfect, the other movement tweeks a little bit and
it blows the entire movement up completely differently.”
[NAT SOUND POP] SB: LCpl Linnea Privette, Training For Brown
Belt: “Yes, I feel like I’ve accomplished something
small little piece inside this huge spectrum, but success is seen in the eye of the beholder.
You definitely have to keep pushing forward, and always challenge yourself.”

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