100 thoughts on “New Chinese Martial Arts Action Films

  1. หนังเรื่องนี้สนุกนะคับผมดูครั้งที่สามแว้วแต่ครั้งนี้เปภาษาจีน😍👍👍👏

  2. ending is so sad. All these bodyguards sacrificed their lives to protect the concubine of a traitor (who, according to history opened the gate for the enemies and ended the Ming dynasty). The concubine has no real contribution to the Chinese citizens and the country and yet she was treated like a royalty.

  3. Păcat ca nu se traduc în limba română filmele și seriale. .chinezești. ..coreene. …sa le putem înțelege.

  4. Ketahuan yang terjemahin film ini orangnya sering minjam uang, makanya otaknya isi pinjam duit tok.

  5. Average movie. Could be better with a better end and escort leader Head is so weak and useless. 😫🤯😰
    Don't worth te be the main hero.
    Princess is beautiful 😍.

  6. Thanks for sharing this movie i love it. Please down load more Chinese movies with English translation. Thanks.

  7. หนังดีนะชอบ..แต่ทำใมไม่ภาคเสียงไทย

  8. sometimes whether you win or lose, live or die…there are no winners. A sad movie but sometimes no matter what you do its a lose, lose…

  9. it would be a good movie if it didn't slow down to the point i could here what they where actually saying was a thumbs up but due to that its a thumbs down.

  10. good movie ! but,
    between 43:00 and 47:00 battle, they fight in a cool limestone formation, but they appear in many movies like the untamed series…and the straight alley and clean grass mowed around make me out of the timeline movie, i mean that clearly look like a tourist zone !
    and the MC woman is cleary too beautifull, makeup, elaborate and perfect hair…i cant imagine a warrior like her make 6hour per day for dressing and making up !
    i think the realisator should just stop focus on aesthetics and focus more on actor, we dont care if rock are very unic, or if the character are like topmodel…we need a bit immersive realism..its okay to makeup during palace scene but not for campaign !!!…lol….
    western movie already got through it, and we prefer raw scene with good actor in nice place that perfect looking actor in clean and beautiful streets and most beautiful natural park.

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