New Best BOXING knockouts of 2019!

New Best BOXING knockouts of 2019! New Best BOXING knockouts of 2019!
Piper’s began a survey. That’s true better. You don’t see danda Balaban paren Is put to sleep by rawness from marrow thorough Dipped and bringing down his guard But it’s a brazil for for having the character brought with him in With a knockout he will use the jab effectively and throw the right hand This is what the ante Wilder does watch came back in March and 28 years old and It’s funny you could see it happen as before your eyes because he to a couple left hooks and he was just short of it and That particular one the way none of that went in and back the fundamentals of boxing right this Sergei did the right thing throw another hook he throws one hook and then he comes back with Full upon the right time when he goes down New Best BOXING knockouts of 2019! Punches but the gloves came down and I don’t think coaching who’s going to get up he’s trying we tried Maithili Here we go That’s a great show if you got it if it’s if that was slowed down I think you’d probably see well he has to keep his right hand up one and he has to come behind the jam New Best BOXING knockouts of 2019! You know to get close Stockton’s name set. The boys have been landing all night, but he just happened to land in the right spot and then out goes haste Yeah, but check out that look took at the right hand of hey, look how it came Just farted out Another stream right is a strength, right? Hops is straight down the pipe and that’s what he needs to do. Yeah that expression the bigger They are the harder they fall and glad that plenteous was sleeping Well, alright another beat followed up by mm Ortiz just swinging away a ferocious right just enough, Mauricio Herrera So watch the right hand that one a little low The separator he knows he needs a knockout to win this fight And it’s all grass, oh, wow, look at this believe this is the left yep off the ropes And he can’t get up Grasping for the Russian and he saw the greatest from Alvarado after that that combination landed he didn’t tell he got hurt straight right hand When Newman course comes out with two punches like that This side is gonna be stopped by seventy Ready? Stop it. That’s it New Best BOXING knockouts of 2019! Match up here in Biloxi, Mississippi That was an amazing amazing amazing fight You don’t want to kick yourself This is what ended it there it is the left hook. Oh, yeah. There’s the right hand. I got it. Yep Let me tell you you don’t want to catch a punch in the body that winning he was The white towel is out as Peterson went down And that’s how came out as quickly as Sergei liquidus was landing the punch And I credit Barry underfur for throwing it. Tom many save. He loves his kid like his own son he had a saving photo gets it from himself and the fans here the hometown fans appreciating his Are you doing Chuckle we expect On the chin right there head bounced off the ropes He’s troubled above me now Oh New Best BOXING knockouts of 2019! Little apps on the fluffy bring it on bring it on. He’s Gone, he’s gone Face down. What a roar from the luckiest ballot, please. I thought on telly this time Incredible PR stopped it water content water content The punches been he’s been doing all night and he goes through with one Get up basket that doesn’t mean he got us working for him, but sometimes you can get caught running into Paulo Like that There they may stop this fight if he does not get his feet over But that will do it I told you is explosive he wasn’t ready to stand back in there New Best BOXING knockouts of 2019! She’s in trouble blasted away he’s taking the Heads up Welcome to Vegas Our great soccer coach Amanda shot And going a bit the right time there forgive really busted and Williams knows it he’s gone he’s gone down It was the right row the right uppercut that did the damage and his just relax are going to move in for the finish Right here Conroy is still chucking up. I’m in big trouble on that right handers Probably just one touch with waxing the British light heavyweight belt corner is going to do incredibly well to beat this count. Okay But will he be allowed to continue? No, he will not so he’s great credit that he did That’s a big big knockdown. That was it. I don’t think that’s one that Goes Jake and it was just a cumulative effect. Oh, he’s like I think he can get up. That’s when he don’t want to get it There was no one punch that really did it there. It was just the power You know, even though Sansa’s didn’t catch them, yes, he was on the way down that left hook maybe New Best BOXING knockouts of 2019!

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