Nadia Khristean – Warrior Within You (Official Music Video)

Midnight breaks, I’m still awake. Thoughts still running through my mind. And I wonder if I will ever find the strength to fight again. Although the pain calls my name, something inside is screaming Fight, fight, fight it. Break, break through it. Don’t let it break you. Stand, stand up to it. Rise, rise through it. Let the world see who’s, the warrior within you. Where are the promises you have made? And all those dreams, are they thrown away? You believed you could be most anything So live your dreams Fight, fight, fight it. Break, break through it. Don’t let it break you. Stand, stand up to it. Rise, rise through it. Let the world see who’s The warrior within you. Time is ticking, life is passing.Thought that I’d be sitting crying, but you see I’ve put my armor on. So remember what you stand for, remember who you represent. Most of all, don’t give up. Fight, fight, fight it. Break, break through it. Don’t let it break you. Stand, stand up to it. Rise, rise through it. Let the world see who’s Fight, fight, fight it. Break, break through it. Don’t let it break you. Stand, stand up to it. Rise, rise through it. Let the world see who’s The warrior within you.

59 thoughts on “Nadia Khristean – Warrior Within You (Official Music Video)

  1. I seriously just got this link through a mistaken text message and im glad i got it. this really inspires me! 🙂 thank you random citizen for sending it to me.

  2. OMG!! This is such an amazing video!!! I'm so glad that I was apart of it!!! This truly inspires me!!!! Thank you so much nadia!! Do great on your mission!!!!

  3. I just love this so much! It's catchy, well put-together, and carries a very powerful message. Is there a place I can purchase the song?

  4. Awesome video!!! Just a little bit weird that I know Eliza….. Is it on iTunes? Cuz I'll buy it if it is 😃

  5. What an amazing song. Watched it/listened to it about 40 times now. The meaning just touches me.

  6. I as well love this video Nadia your so cool I go to school with your cousin joselyn I wish I could meet you in person😀 your song really m!over me.

  7. If you are bullied, please listen to me.  I have been bullied for several reasons.  I'm a male flute player, I wear pads while riding BMX bikes, I have Tourette Syndrome, I'm a disciple of Jesus Christ, and I'm just different overall.  I remember worrying who I may see in the halls, and being scared of what else might be done to me in addition to the usual slamming me into the wall.  Thank goodness I was able to learn to not care what people think of me.  I found peoples foolish reasons for hating me were so contradictory and hypocritical that it simply didn't make any sense to give their opinions any weight.  I actually feel bad for anyone who bullies or treats anyone different just because they are different.  Those are the most unfortunate people because they don't know how to be kind and have empathy, and that is sad.  Simply by the fact that they are bullying you, proves that they are the weak one and they have serious problems.  You are good.  Ether 12:27 reminds us that our weakness can become our strength.  I know that anytime we try to do something good, Satan is ALWAYS waiting around the corner to try to discourage us and make us fall.  He is the one influencing the bullies to try to hurt you.  He is trying to stop your weakness from becoming a strength.  Don't let him discourage you.  Follow Jesus Christ and pray for strength to endure your trials and you will come out 10 times stronger than your bully in everyway.  Then you will be praying for them to overcome their weakness too.  I promise you can get through it.  I did with Gods help.Thank you Nadia for this beautiful song 🙂

  8. Great song. My son has been bullied a lot. Because he has been a warrior, he can deflect the week comments and acts of those small minded bullies. They still don't feel good but he can turn the situation positively and sometimes help them see differently. Thanks for spreading this message. I will share this with my son.

  9. stand strong and fight love this song please share this song I have listened to this song more than 150 times best song ever

  10. Nadia I just gotta say thank you for this song as well as the many u have made a lot of garbage has been happening in my life lately everything from addiction to bullying and more often I don't know if I can or will make it in the end of everything I just gotta say in the end whatever happens thank you for even more inspiration to do better in life and become who I,m meant to be it's been said God answers our prayers threw others at times thank you for answering a few of mine keep it up please your making a major difference

  11. +Nadia Khristean
    I met you at my girls camp on a Wednesday. It was Heber Valley Camp. You played an amazing song for us, you played Broken on the piano we set up for you. You sang even though you said that you lost your voice from a video shoot before you came. You had us close our eyes and raise our hands if we had been through the following things. I remember I raised my hand for each one, but I didn't think you would notice, I thought you would focus on counting the hands. After you were done with your lesson, you let us have pictures with you. When I went up to you I was really scared and I didn't know why, but I was. You pulled me in for a tight hug and smiled with me at the camera while Mrs. Rich took the picture. When the picture was taken, you grabbed my shoulders, looked me straight in the eyes, and said, "You are amazing."
    You have no idea how much love that made me feel. I've grown up with a genetic disease that is literally trying to fight my own body. I've been bullied for the hives it gave me, and the hearing loss it gave me, for being short and for having red hair. There were also times that I was teased for being the only non-Mormon in my grade. A few years ago I was sent to a mental hospital after I couldn't take the teasing anymore. I made friends that understood me and when I came home, everything changed. I was no longer afraid of cracking knuckles or someone I couldn't see laughing or even wearing short sleeves.
    This week I went to girls camp for my best friend, who I don't even get to spend much time with. But I went anyways because I know it makes her happy. I'm so happy that I went, and that you came and that you even spoke to me. I don't know if you remember me, but I have red hair, I'm kinda short, (like I said), I think I was wearing a black shirt with blue flannel. I also don't know if you'll see this, but if you do, please know that I'm SO grateful that I met you. Thank you so much, you have no idea how much you helped me that day. I love you so much.

  12. I'm still getting bullied all the time and I almost took my life because of it my mom and other people all hate me so much because I have special needs and I'm completely different from other people

  13. hey Nadia, I subcribe to your channel because I love what you do and why you do! If I can suggest you one improvement to your video is to add the lyrics on the description on by the subtitle. Because I think to not be the only one to love your song and want to understand the lyrics, and we're not all english speaker and it'll be easier to someone else to add translate subtiles!
    And send you a lot of love from France and keep going! 😉

  14. i love the sister in the video reaching out to others. we may not be able to stop bullying but we can be a friend or in other words be the hands and feet of jesus

  15. I’ve been bullied before for a number of different reasons. For all of you that have been bullied or are being bullied stay strong you can do it! There are always gonna be people that are mean but you can be the good ones and there are always people you can turn to. I know sometimes you feel your all alone but your not I promise. This is the best song I have ever heard Nadia and I’m so glad you use your incredible unique voice to help spread the word on different topics. I really wish a lot more people we like you. I am officially addicted to this song and can’t stop playing it!

  16. Worked day & night to give good future to my 2 kids it's hard but I'm a warrior in life now I already have 1 grand daughter

  17. My English teacher showed us this video today on not to bully because bad things can come from it and I just loved it so much Nadia you are such an inspiration to me and I hope you keep making videos like this and keep inspiring me and others too

  18. A girl who is part of hope he hope showed us this in class with another girl. Nadia is coming to our school so they were telling us about it and doing what I call "bullying 101" but that girl I'm talking about has actually cyber bullied.We used to be best friends but then I told her I was gay. She is super Mormon and disliked that. When I told her I was suicidal she told me not to burden others with my personal problems. When I mentioned the fact that she is on hope squad she said "being on hope squad doesn't mean we're here to solve your problems." But she refused to even talk to me about it and whenever I mentioned my sexuality she got angry at me. And then she had the nerve to get up and tell everyone in the eighth grade not to bully and always be respectful of others differences. I have recovered from suicidalness since then but this caused a relapse. when an activity they told us to do which was to write down something we struggled with on a peice of papers and hold it up like in the video. I wanted to put lesbian but I was afraid of her disapproval. One of my friends tried to convince me to do it and I said "I'm not going to put lesbian" to loud and she heard and just sorta frowned. and I had just come from my therapist talking about her so that was also hard. Then my crush had to give me a Valentine. Most emotion filled Feb 14 ever. Oh and if you've read all this then thanks listening to me rant.

  19. If anyone bully's you guys just tell them to stop or tell your parents or your grandparents or your teacher or your brother or sister if there old enough

  20. I get bullied everyday mostly but if billy or enequs isn't there I don't but that doesn't happen at the same day but I wish it did but it will make me much happier

  21. I love this song as it reminds me to keep moving, pushing, and fighting when I am trying to search for a better job!!

  22. Good job Nadia! This is in my top-5 playlist of music, as well as "Lost Boy" covered by Reese Oliveira and "Panda" by Itro. Also, thanks very much for following me on Instagram, the app is not working for me right now, just YouTube. Sorry.

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