my last pair of high school boxers finally bit the dust

I was a freshman sweet 16 soon I got a 12 pack Fruit of the Loom It’s nothing special It isn’t much But for eight long years these undies held my touch My last pair of high school boxers finally bit the dust So many memories inside these seams All my ambitions and my wet dreams My imperfections ‘neath my waistband Classroom erections too scared to stand Closing the front flaps to hide my nuts from the other kids in gym class I can’t trust My last pair of high-school boxers finally bit the dust Awkward fumbles hormone rumbles backseat tumbles with my boxers wrapped tight ’round my crotch But as of late I’ve gained some weight I overate and I’ve been sipping too much blended scotch ‘Cause this morning I bent down to tie my shoelace I heard a loud rip and I scrunched up my face It’s the end of the friendship of boxer and Gus ‘Cause my last pair of high school boxers finally bit the dust [outro]

100 thoughts on “my last pair of high school boxers finally bit the dust

  1. thank you for your kind words during this trying time. the family is requesting some space, but you can leave any hot meals and warm wishes on twitter @Gusbuckets.

  2. God damn it guy, I had this song in my head for like a week; then all of the sudden it shows up in recommend again…

  3. My auntie just passed away and this beat makes me think of her… Not the song but it's really good

  4. Dude this song hit me at the right time. A girlfriend in high school got me SpongeBob pajama bottoms ten years ago and I still wear them proudly at age 24, but they finally ripped a week ago and I'm just glad to know there are people out there going through the same shit. Lol 10/10 my guy

  5. Wait, am I older than you? Waaaaaaaah…

    Your mustache def makes you older…

    This is me assuming we were the same age during our freshman years in highschool

  6. I mean, yeah, it's funny, but this is legitimately kinda touching and nostalgic. It's about finally growing up, but represented by boxers.

  7. i keep coming back to this song and i frankly refuse to believe this is actually about boxers. this is way to beautiful to have just a simple message like that. or i could be looking into this too much and overthinking a song about underwear. regardless, gorgeous song

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