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Hey everyone! Today’s video is going to be a
fitness video where I will show you guys what exercises I like to do on a regular
basis to stay healthy. This video is going to consist of me
speaking both English and Chinese, so make sure your “CC captions” button is on. *Repeat what I just said except in Chinese* *Repeat what I just said except in Chinese* On a regular basis, I do a bunch of different sports. Throughout the week, I go swimming, I run, I do karate and play badminton multiple times a week, as well as a bunch of other minor sports and I used to do ballet as well. Right now, I am in the basement of my karate dojo (karate building). There are many different equipments in this basement. Some equipments can help you build up your muscles, while others can allow you to do cardio. I usually don’t wear heavy makeup when I exercise. The makeup I have on today is the most I will ever have on while I exercise. Today, I put on a tinted lip balm, curled my eyelashes, applied some mascara, and filled in my eyebrows. I hope this video can motivate you guys to get fit and do some exercise. So before I start any exercises, I always stretch. This arm stretching that I am doing right now is what I usually do before I play badminton. Or even if I’m running, I
usually stretch my arms as well. This machine right here is to help you train yourself to do the splits. It looks like a torture device, which
that’s what most people call it. But it’s actually really really cool. So you’re just supposed to wind it up and then it’ll help…uh…you do the splits I guess? I usually wind as far as I can go and then I would stretch to the left and
then after a little while I would move on to
the right side. Alright so, when I go running I usually like to run on a
treadmill. I don’t really know but why I find that it’s more comfortable in running outdoors. But anyway, so when I run on the treadmill, I don’t usually use any of the
settings they give you such as the fat burn one. I like to just click the “quick start” button and then from there, just adjust the
settings to how I like it. Whenever I run on a treadmill, I usually
don’t run with any incline because I like to run long
distances and try to lean out my muscles but if you want to work on your calf muscles,
feel free to make the incline a little steeper. Here, it kinda shows you how far you’re
running and miles and stuff like that. And usually when I start, I start at 3.5 and then, as I keep going, I move that
to 6 to 6.5. Here you see me starting run and I’m kinda at a speed walking pace and then you’ll see me
getting progressively faster. I’m like running at lightning speed in
this clip haha. Woo~ So I ran for a little over one hour. That’s usually the amount of time
I have before my karate class. And so since I ran at a pretty slow
speed today, I only ran 3.79 miles. I think that’s about 6 km. Regardless of what up exercise I do, I
always stretch before and after. This stretch is great for those people
who want to lean out their calf muscles. …aka. me! I actually really
like this particular stretch because it really relaxes my calf muscles and it’s really really important to
relax your muscles after doing exercises because it prevents you from getting really
painful muscle cramps. Actually the one time I got a muscle
cramp in the middle of a badminton tournament and when I got that muscle cramp, I was
just on the floor for five minutes in fetal position. It was painful and my leg hurt for the next week. So…make sure you stretch! I just finished running and even now, I’m still breathing like *action*. I drank about 2-3 bottles of water. I also changed into my karate uniform called “gi”. *action* As you can tell, I am currently wearing my advanced brown belt because my black belt is in Hong Kong. My belt is being embroidered with my name and karate style. In a few minutes, I will be going upstairs for my karate class. But for now, I want to show you guys this really awesome punching equipment. This is basically just a plank of wood. Here, there is a leather protector. This piece of wood is for you to build up strength, which helps improve your katas (choreographed karate movements). When you hit this piece of wood, you want to hit this middle spot. The harder you hit, the more the plank of wood will bend backwards. This is very good practice. If you don’t have an equipment like this, you could always hit some poles / walls. If you don’t do karate on a regular basis, I suggest you to hit something softer (haha of course). Now you can follow me to my karate class! So usually before we start anything, we
always do warm ups. These warm ups usually consist of these
weird-looking weightlifting exercises and we also do push-ups, mason twists, uh… sit-ups, leg raises, we jog around the room a couple times and stuff like that. . After warm-ups, we usually do open hands katas. A kata is basically a choreography, except for karate. The kata I’m doing right here is the blue belt kata called “shujaku”. This kata right here is called “sanseiryu” and it is a brown belt kata. After open hand katas, we usually practiced self
defense techniques or bo katas, or sai katas, or we spar. And I’ll explain what bo and sai katas are later. Self defense techniques are great
because it’s basically and application of karate to your
everyday life. If someone were to come impose harm to you, you know what to do. For example, here someone is grabbing a shirt You just need to learn how to twist their arms or find their pressure points to inflict pain on them for trying to harm you. Here you see me dealing with someone
basically double my size and these self defense techniques are great
regardless of how short or tall you are so they are super helpful! So this is how a bo kata look likes. A bo is basically a long wooden stick that acts as a weapon. The kata I am doing here is called “saifa”. and it is a green belt bo kata. The great thing about using a bo is that you don’t necessarily just need a wooden stick to use it as a weapon. You can use a broom or something like that so if you ever get into a dangerous situation, just grab a broom and you can just smack people with it. This next bo kata is the bo kata for brown belts. . I just finished karate class. Um… We worked on self-defense techniques and did a couple bo katas…bo is the stick and then we also did some regular open hand katas (katas with no weapons). We also have another weapon called “sai”. It looks like a pitch fork. We didn’t use them in class today but we usually use them once a week. Yeah. Then every Wednesday, we would spar. Sparring is where you wear safety equipment..(in Chinese) sparring? Sparring is (in Chinese) sparring. Everyone would wear safety equipment, like those foam head pieces and stuff. When we spar,.we would change partners a few times. Each time we change partners, we would spar for about 2 minutes. Then whoever has more points, or hit the other person more, is the winner of the match. Me: Yeah.
Sister: Wow, great explanation (note the sarcasm)
Me: *laugh* It’s very straight forward! Um…what else? Oh! Also, on the day of my black belt grading, I filmed a few sparring clips. If I can find the files, I will show you guys. . These clips are all from my black belt grading. And as you can tell, I look really tired and out of energy. It’s because this grading was really long. I think it was 4? or maybe 6 hours? It was really really long. ANyway, this is how sparring looks like. This is what I was talking about earlier. This is a sai kata. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . had a I it . . . . . . . If you live in Hong Kong and want to learn karate, you should go to Ap Lei Chau . . . . . . . . . . The belt level ranking (of the style of karate I learn) goes white…ye- in between each colour, there is an additional advanced level. Like this belt, this is a brown belt with a black stripe . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Even though this is my first video
during this whole bilingual Chinese English thing I hope you guys
enjoy anyway and remember to thumbs up yeah I C as in my next video I scheme time

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  1. hey love your video very much !
    can you talk about something about you?
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  2. Wow thats great, I do shotokan you can check my channel for karate videos, I am a world class kata competitor🥋oss

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