So the other day I had my first ever like Proper boxing match I I account box for shit I literally had about three days training before did I how it since boxing was like it a trend on? YouTube for the past while as well upload this I do a reaction video like with someone I actually Know stuff about boxing for anyway, let me know if you want to see that but I got apply it now Hope you enjoy and I’ll see you later. Peace. Oh, I didn’t mention. I’m the chap in the blue if you didn’t know is Yeah I’m fun As you can see I worked so hard for this fight that I actually turned black and Okay. Yeah, I’m gonna actually play the actual fight. I’m gonna stop talking. Hope you enjoy still the guy in blue dough. Alright. Peace Yes good Okay pinnable Yes, so that’s basically normal videos of the resume I’ve just been pretty sick recently and like I tried to record the video but the audio just sounded chic cuz like I could barely speak because There’s any videos you want me to do in the future Like let me know down in the comments like it can be literally anything at a rate This channel is going like I’ve changed like what I’ve doing so many times that like I could like if it’s a cooking video I I wouldn’t be surprised if I end up there some help. But anyway, I hope you enjoy and I’ll see you later. Peace

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