My Fight: Daniel Jacobs (HBO Boxing)

♪ (MUSIC PLAYING) ♪ DANIEL JACOBS:I am never…going to get tired
of telling my story.
It’s those type of stories
that get you inspired
about sports, boxing, and life.So this is the house that I grew
up in, 1800 Pitkin Avenue.I remember being bullied
inside this school.
I just went for it. (LAUGHS)The person that you see now,
this is the area that made me.
I was completely paralyzed.I had to find out the hard way
that it was cancerous.
When the doctor said,
“You can’t box again,”
I would say, “Who is he?”
or “What do they know?”
I can’t believe all that
I’ve been through
just to be at this point.And I know that it has helped me
to be who I am today.

82 thoughts on “My Fight: Daniel Jacobs (HBO Boxing)

  1. Being a hardcore GGG fan, I thought he would easily dispose of Jacobs. Jacobs went the distance and gave him a fight. On top of that, he beat cancer and continued to beat opponents as well. This is why I have a lot of respect for Danny. Rooting for him this Saturday.

  2. I would live dj take out that bitch ass canelo nothing would sweeter, dj has better footwork then ggg so even canelo running wouldnt be enough to get his ass kod.

  3. As a member of a family fucked by cancer, it is amazing to see your strength and perseverance to just say fuck it and break every notion of never fighting again. It was clearly what you love, and doing what you love is the greatest thing of all. You have another fan Mr Jacobs, shout out from Australia. BROOKLYN BEAST!!!!

  4. Jacobs is a warrior, great fighter and doesn't get enough respect… It was a close fight but I actually thought he edged it against GGG

  5. Love Danny Jacobs! He won't be beaten again in his career again. With GGG only having 2 maybe 3 more fights left in his career and given that he won't fight Jacobs again. Jacobs will win when he vacates his titles and he can beat everyone else in that division. He would beat Canelo too.

  6. Jacobs put up a better fight than Canelo, but to say he beat GGG is delusional.

    How can a fighter get put on his ass and still think he won!?!

  7. Doctors always get put down because they tell you the reality. They can't tell you you can come back and become a star but I get it. I'm sure people don't mean it like that.

  8. Death of a gradmother is traumatising but let's be honest, Jacobs would never beat Pirog in a million years and I think Pirog would have made easy work of GGG too.

  9. Wow Jacobs is the man with a heart like a lion. But Pirog would be at any time to much for Jacobs.

    I wish Jacobs the best.
    Greetings from Germany.

    Sorry for my bad English guys.

  10. Personally, I think GGG barely won, but this fight was definitely closer than the Canelo fight. Golovkin clearly beat Canelo.

  11. Respect to Jacobs, but this story has been told, and as the husband of a cancer survivor I understand the tenacity of this disease. For some reason, however, Mr Hearn feels Jacobs' story has not been told before to the American public. Be creative, Eddie.

  12. THE MIRACLE MAN vs B.J Saunders he deserves a shot at another title and I'd love too see the shit kicking he would give blow job Saunders Eddie Hearn make it happen

  13. Daniel Jacobs is an inspiration for anyone. Now, after this fight, he needs to step up his game. I would like to see him against either Canelo or David Lemieux.

  14. Eddie Hearn strikes gold again Watch how many American fighters sign with Hearn after they see the job he does for Jacobs. Eddie is boxing now. Jacobs deserves nothing but the best so Hearn was a good match for him.

  15. It's really hard not to like Danny and cheer for a guy with his amazing story. But a little more credit should be given to Pirog. He was far from some journeyman who landed a lucky punch, and "mentally there" or not the result may very well have been the same. Had he not suffered a career ending injury he'd almost certainly be standing either near or at the very top of the middleweight division. Shame the fight with GGG never happened…

  16. If you look at GGG's face after he wins the decision you could just as easily think they were announcing his name at the beginning of the fight. Danny's face on the other hand looks like he got hit by a truck… Sorry it was a heroic effort but you simply have to do a bit more to beat the champ.

  17. This is an American fighter I can understand who speaks clearly and who Has Great Mannerism. Will definately root for this Guy because he is not Fake at all like boxing used to be in America.

  18. I respect Danny Jacobs as a fighter and especially as a man. I saw my father deteriorate from cancer and let me tell you, just hearing the doctor say that word (cancer) takes you somewhere too dark to imagine. Jacobs came back when everyone told him it's over, and became a champion again. Salute to this warrior, forever a champ in my eyes.

  19. These man are my inspiration In a sense my mentors, raising my 2 children into boxing that's the family sport in my household. Miracle man a great fighter and a great human being. Like Daniel my grandma is my mother raised me since birth still with me grateful to God.

  20. Not that it matters but is there a chance we the people can sign a petition to keep HBO Boxing alive it just doesn’t feel right not having HBO televise boxing

  21. Love Daniel Jacobs, guys so humble, talented, and the work ethic is incredible. You don’t hear about Danny Jacobs failing a piss test…cough cough Canelo….😂😂😂😂. Danny Jacobs always brings a ton of heart to the ring. I think maybe he was a little distracted against Pirog with the family issues, however I also think Dmitry Pirog was purely just a better boxer than him AT THAT TIME. Pirog had more experience, and Pirog was easily the top Middleweight at that time if not one of the top PFP boxers. Pirog was always super underrated. I think the very fact that Jacobs has lost fights before, actually plays to his advantage. Jacobs don’t give a F, and he’s gonna walk through fire with flinching. Every time….🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  22. I thought Jacobs eeked out a decision against GGG but you got to really take it to the champion. That flash knockdown saved GGG in this one.

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