My Designs: Making A Boxer Brief Underwear

Hi name is Logan and I’m going to try to make an underwear. So my inspiration was I was actually trying to find a microfiber cloth to make a Calvin Klein underwear and I can’t find a cloth big enough so I bought this red cloth which is stretchy. So Here is my blueprint. Which I just copied from my measured underwear. So I’m going to try to make an underwear. So let’s see how that turns out. Chalk isn’t actually a great idea. I got a Crayola marker now. I actually have a working pants. Hey, now I have two of these pouches. Let me actually show you the sewing machine that I’m going to be using. It is a Jaguar brand, I’ve never heard of it. It’s actually a Japanese brand. It’s actually going to run on 220 volts. So I live in the United States, so we have this kind outlet but I’m up transform this 110 into 220 with this thing. Anyways so plug in this I don’t know, Asian plug turn in it on. And now we have 240 volts. Here, we turn on the sewing machine, and now the sewing machine is on. This looks terrible. It’s kinda big. Here’s the underwear. Kinda big on the bottom. But were finally done. Kinda shoddy. Very shoddy actually. I messed up the bands a lot. But overall it looks pretty nice.

27 thoughts on “My Designs: Making A Boxer Brief Underwear

  1. It killed me to watch that blue marker pattern making/knock off just rip apart the underwear for the pieces

  2. How did I end up here. Your red underwear looks better than the white. I am biased against white underwear. But the legs seem shorter and I prefer that also. Keep practicing. 🙂 in no time it will be better.

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