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A little bit of boxing because I want to increase my condition in the game, and I think boxing is going to help me in my endurance, every challenge, every speed, movement and it’s going to give me more resistance. 5…4…3…2…1 Stop! Today we’re working with Nani, to do a little bit of boxing network. Training here in Florida is very hot and very draining on your cardiovascular system and I feel using boxing network and just going to the movements and techniques help you to build more explosive power and to increase blood flow in the upper body and help provide a different kind of resistance to help stimulate his body and improve his conditioning for the pitch. I think it’s a great way to cross train and to increase your body awareness and improve strength in different areas and the way he can utilize when he is playing soccer. I think I need to improve because this weather has been taking all my power during the games and this kind of preparation has been helping me a lot. Thanks guys! Hey, that was good! Got some moves! Stay, stay there. You’re getting excited, I see!

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